Thursday, August 30, 2007

And the blog lives on

No, I'm not giving up this blog.

It was my first and ones first is always special.

I do have the other blog still. It's been through a lot since the last post here in December 2006.

Like what you ask?

Well, the database went completely tits up in February 2007. Oh that was a fucking treat. EVERYTHING was gone! Fucking bit rot.

I moved to a new server at that time and everything went completely wonky. I was forced to leave them after only three months.

Now my blog is BACK with Tatty and Piggy, but I still retained my domain name. Hey, it's my name! I bought it so I get to use it, m'kay!

That's it! Now go to the new blog and, if you have to after a year, change your link!

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