Friday, June 30, 2006

My newest acquistion

Meet Kon-El, otherwise known as Conner Kent. He's a clone out of Superman and Lex Luthor. And in the world of DC Comics, he's dead. But who knows for how long.

There is your comic lesson for today.

He joins my other Superboys (1st and 2nd versions). This one is the only 3rd version I have.

I so need help.

Some holiday weekend

Here in the states, almost everyone is gearing up for a long holiday weekend. My apologies for those that work for evil establishments that are making you work on Monday. My sympathies to those who must work on Tuesday.

Anyway, everyone, at least in my company, is all abuzz about their "holiday" plans. Some are going to Baltimore while others are going to the mountains and a few are heading for the Jersey Shore.

And almost everyone will kick off the weekend by going to Happy Hour at a local hotspot called Kildare's. They claim they are the area's ONLY authentic Irish pub and that they "are an authentic Irish experience". SID, I'll need you to fly straight away here to the states to prove that claim.

Yep, everyone is all light and giddy and happy. There are even people that USED to work here who are going to be in attendence tonight. And these are people I actually liked. It should be a goodtime for all.

Except me.

For the record, I haven't smiled once today since I got in the office. And I know my weekend will suck so bad I could probably market it as a vacuum cleaner.

Why the all out bitchiness? Let's rundown the list, shall we?

  1. I have no sitter for tonight so I can NOT go to the soiree after work. In the past ten years, I have not ONCE gone out after work with my coworkers. In the past decade, I have been prevented to go to these events by either my late psycho abusive bastard husband or my child. She's not abusive but I do question the psycho part. I'm not blaming Dinks at all. I am her Mommy and I should be there for her. But DAMMIT, I want to have fun, too!
  2. I'll have my car in the shop AGAIN on Saturday. It's nothing major, just maintenance. But I still lose a good portion of my day. Why not just reschedule, you may ask? I have. This is reschedule number 4. And believe me, the car needs it.
  3. Sunday will either be boring as hell or boring as hell without my car. I have no concrete plans, nor can I ever make any. And thanks to my social absence for the past decade, all my friends have written me off as "consistently unavailable" spare one, bless her soul.
  4. Monday is back to the shop for more major work. The last time I had three of my four locks replaced due to some malfunction or another. Guess what? The fourth lock now doesn't work. If those bastards make me pay a deductible for warranty work ten days after I had the car in the shop for the SAME problem, I'll go ballistic.
  5. This is the legal holiday, Independence Day, or the Fourth of July. Seriously, we Yanks actually call the day by it's name. I don't think any uses Independence Day anymore. It's always, "So, whatcha doin' on the Fourth?" I'm going to my friend's house, with Dink in tow, to her annual Fourth Bash. I've known Donna (that's her name) for over 23 years. And everyone in Donna's family as well as her hubby's family (his name is Paul) know me. Between the two families, there will be over forty people there. And these people love nothing better than to rib and poke fun at me (all with love, mind you).
It'll be Tuesday, the Fourth ... that day will be my only saving grace from a weekend of beyond benign boredom. I have no clue if Geo can make it to the Bash. He might have to work. Oh well. Work or not, I'm going.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Land barrons no more

We found out yesterday that the lot we were purchasing in Albrightsville PA failed the perk test back in 1989.

"And if nothing has been done to the lot since then," warned the county worker via the telephone, "it won't pass now."


We'll be getting a refund for our downpayment less the doc fees we had to pay.

We're not giving up. Geo and I are making an appintment to talk to our H & S Homes rep, Jackie, this weekend to discuss other options (i.e., they supply the lot and build the house).

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This is why Cranky Prof is my heroine

When I read this on Overheard in Philly, I darn near piddled in my shorts. And what makes it even more special is that my educator buddy, Cranky Prof, submitted it.

OIP Proudly Supports the Entire 5-County Region

Me and my girl

Me and my girl
Originally uploaded by maidink.
The picture says it all.

Up to the Poconos and back

NOTE: This post was originally meant for 28 May 2006. I noticed it said draft next to it on my posting list. Ooops. So, here is boring old stuff.


At her school on Friday, my loving daughter told the school's owner that she (meaning the Dinks) was going to the mountains this weekend. The owner, of course, tried to confirm that with me.

I thought, "You listened to a three year old and you run this place?"

"No," I replied, "we're probably gonna do a whole lot of nuttin'."

I was hearing it everywhere. The owner was going to the shore. Another kid was going to the shore. One was going out of state, but not to the shore.

Poor unfortunate Dinks. Her daft parents made no concrete plans. And she wanted to go to the shore to see the beach.


Yesterday was a day for Geo and I, what with the food and movie (I'm still not giving away any spoilers).

Today, all three of us ... were gypsies.

"Let's go up around where we bought the land tomorrow", says Geo last night.

"Okay", I said and called my rents with our morning plans.

We picked up the little sprog around 9:00AM from Nana and PopPop's. After a little deprogramming, we headed north to our soon-to-be home near the Poconos.

Did we have an itinerary? Nope. Do we ever? Nope. Did we have a clue? Well, Geo did. I never do. Dinks? She was happy in her own little world filled with Ratty, Lambie, crocodiles, and butterflies.

I won't bore you with all the details considering 75% of what we did was drive around in the truck. We were mapping and scoping. Checking out doctors, pediatricians, vets (if we ever get a pet), post offices, groceries, pizza joints, blah blah blah. You understand.

When we did stop the truck, we either ate, drank, used a potty, stretched out legs, or a combo of any of the afore mentioned.

We checked out the property lot again. It looked drier than the last time I saw it. That makes me worry about drainage. Anyway, we decided to drive around the development to get a better feel for our way around the place.

We got lost.

Boy, did we get lost.

It's kinda difficult to get your bearings when all you're looking at is friggin trees and deer.

We eventually figured out where we were (at least we were still in Pennsylvania). That's when Geo found "the lake".

Lake Placid to be exact.

What a letdown. This puddle will seriously never be confused with the former Olympic site of Lake Placid, NY.

Dinker didn't care, though. The lake had a sandy surrounding that vaguely resembled a beach. Dinker thought that was the coolest thing. She kept saying, "Oooo, thank you Mommy and Daddy for taking me to the beach. I love the beach."

So the kid not only went to the mountains, but she did, to all intents and purposes, get to the beach.

Next year, it's the Joisey shore for her. I'll show her a real beach.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

If you build it, you will move

Geo and I met with a new home salesperson at H & S Homes up where we bought our property in Albrightsville PA. After speaking with her, we are definitely going full steam with our plans on moving.

I'm sorry, but if you can build a new home for under $170,000 in an area you want to live in, wouldn't you seriously, seriously think about it?

I know we are.

The plan is now a three year plan. We have to payoff our lot, get it perk tested, and then finance the new building. It'll be in enough time for when Dinker starts going to regular school. And she loves it up there so that's a plus on our side.

And in case you have no clue what a perk test is ('cause I didn't at first), a percolation test is required before any septic permit is issued. Basically, it is a soil test to determine how fast water will soak. This determines the amount of drain field needed. It can be done by the homeowner or a licensed engineer.

Upside: new home, no more Philly, I get to quit work (yay me!), no more Philly (that's worth saying twice).

Downside: living on a shoe string budget for the next thirty-six months.

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with the salesperson. She just gave me a bit of bad news. Her boss lives in the development where we purchased the lot. Almost all the lots in the general area where we purchased our lot FAILED perk testing. And if you fail, you can not build.

So, we might be getting a refund on our lot.

I'm still happy because the H & S can also sell you a lot/house package deal. So, if our property fails, we can still move. It just won't be where we originally chose to lay the bricks.

Illness and hiking: Perfect together

Not like anyone gives a rip, but I've been sick as a frelling dog. Lung hacking. Head throbbing. Voice rasping. Nose running. Oh yeah, I've been a real treasure to deal with lately. And least we forget the blood I've been hacking up.

I was sent home from work Thursday morning because I was coughing so hard. I was borderline bronchitis into pneumonia. I was a mess.

So what does any logical person such as myself do at times like this?

Go on holiday and go hiking, of course.

We left last Thursday and didn't come home until Saturday night ... late. Not a big vacation but a get-away none the less.

The hotel we stayed at, the Shannon Inn and Pub in the Poconos, was a dive in the making. You could tell that, at one point in it's existence, it was nice. It was average to me. Geo hated it. Then again, Geo hates everything. Dinker was indifferent, but what else would you expect from a three year old?

We travelled to Scranton to check out Steamtown. That was cool. All these old trains and cars everywhere. Geo nicked some lumps of coal for me (isn't he sweet?) The Dinker got a wooden train whistle and a railroad crossing lollipop sign for her bedroom. We got there too late to take the full blown tour, so we'll probably go back again.

And of course, do you think anyone rememebered to bring a camera to Steamtown? Stupid family.

We also went to Stroudsburg. Not a damn thing exciting there.

The hit of the trip was Bushkill Falls. It is beautiful there. It was the perfect day to hike, too - cool air amplified by nature and no rain. I want to go back again and hike the full trail. We would have this time but none of us were properly dressed to do a 2.5 mile hike (Dink and I in terrain sandals and Geo in his flip flops). Guaranteed, we will go back there.

The Dinker held her own trudging up and down the mountainside. Geo took a lot of really nice shots with his new Rebel XT. I was making sure I didn't fall over and pass out from coughing. That moist air from the falls did wonders for my lungs. Seriously. I think that's how I coughed the infection staright out of me.

If you like nature, hiking, or just looking at pretty flowing water, I strongly recommend Bushkill Falls.

So there you have it. Our Family Vacation by Maidink.

You can stop yawning now.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Father's Day 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

Nothing! That's what's wrong!

We had an awesome Father's Day.

I gave Geo a Canon Rebel XT Digital camera. He's so spoiled.

Speaking of spoiled, we gave my dad a Canon PowerShot A530. Hey, i jip my poor dad every year so it felt good giving him something I KNEW he'd like.

Anyway (Pig's fave word ...),

The weather rocked!

We got invited up to my brother's house to his backyard resort complete with pool and hot tub. There was booze, soda, and bottled water. We were fed hors d'oeuvres and cute little sandwhiches.

It was relaxing and the Dinker loved being piloted around the pool via my brother.

It was great!

I still felt miserable as hell because of my allergies.

But, allergies be damned! Where there is free food, a pool, booze, and someone to entertain my kid, I don't care if I'm hooked up to a respirator, I'M GOING!

So, the man who doesn't wash dishes unless he can't find a mug, doesn't do laundry because he can't fold anything to save his life, doesn't clean or dust and would let the dust bunnies grow to the size of hedgehogs, doesn't even know the location of half the things in our house ... this man gets an awesome Father's Day.

*shuffling feet with hands in pocket and kicking imaginary pebbles on the ground*

And as CeCe gently reminded me via the comments, just because he doesn't do all that much around the abode doesn't him a bad dad.

Au contraire! Geo is the best Daddy in the whole world (as per Dinker) and that's all that matters.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tis the season for mold allergies

Okay, now, don't fall over from complete shock, but ... I'm sick again.

As, too, is the Dinkerdooes.

It all started last week. As usual, Dinker started her coughing. It was a normal cough for her. I asked her the barrage of questions everyday:

"Does your head hurt?"

"Does your throat hurt?"

"Does your ears hurt?"

She promptly (and quite angrily and loudly) answered "NO" to all queries.

Then, in the beginning of the week, I started with the runny nose.


It progressed; I denied.

Dink got worse.

I knew it was all allergy related. Nevermind that both Dink and I are on Zyrtec (me with a decongestant) and separate decongestants, we were getting hammered with an allergy attack. I decided to look up the pollen and allergen reports on to see which was the culprit.

I looked up weeds, grass, trees, and mold.

Well, well ... surprise, sur-friggin-prise.

The mold was off the chart for my area.

Have I ever mentioned how deathly allergic Dinkerdoodle and I are to mold?

As I type, I can not swallow because I have been coughing so hard, my throat is raw. Dink can't breathe through her little nose. We both feel completely crappy. And we're cranky.

And Geo has to put up with both of us.

All the makings of a great Father's Day, don'tcha think?

Advocating Inventor

My Personal Dna Report

I did this test via April's site. It's interesting. I mean the test is interesting. And so is April's site, too, if you don't mind reading about a Canuck's bizarre dreams, snake encounters, and rabid raccoons.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Why me?

I had a great rant post, and, somehow, it has been swallowed.



I posted and went to make an update and *PHWING* ... gone

sigh ...

Thursday, June 15, 2006


That was my recent Blogger comment word verifier.

I like that word.

Someone help me to think of a good definition.

Or should I just use that as my D and D character's name. For those who are gaming geeks, my character to be will be an Elf Ranger. No, I don't know what kind of elf.

Maidink looking quite evil

Maidink looking quite evil
Originally uploaded by maidink.

No words necessary for this one. Just click on the photo for the explantion of why I look this way.

And this photo was pre-haircut.

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Maidink's newest haircut

maidink's newest haircut
Originally uploaded by maidink.
Here! Are y'all happy now? I know I am.

Less hair to take care of and my highlights do show more (though you really can't tell from this shot).

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Put us both in a locked room and only one will emerge

I do believe my daughter and I are getting ready to step into the square circle. Now before you pick sides, let me assure you, though she is smaller and a bit more wirey, I'm bigger and she can't outrun me.

This kid is going down!

I was going to kill her this morning with her uncontrollable whining. She wanted her daddy. Geo was in work. I called him and handed her the phone. All she did was cry into the phone. I heard him say "I gotta go, baby. Tell mommy to call me later." Do you blame the man? I'd hang up, too, if I had a three year old crying and screaming into my mobile.

Did I mention this whole episode occured while we were in transit this morning?

I screamed at her at the top of my lungs. She finally calmed down and proceded to be the spaced out child I know. I asked her if she liked it when I got so mad I yell.


"Then why do you do it, sweetie?"

"I don't know."

Lord, she's practicing to be a teenager.

Yesterday was golden. Oh yeah, she showed her true spirit in school. I dropped her off and she didn't stop crying for a second. Now, in her defense, they are doing the transition thingy this week into her new class. Her new teacher, Lori, said it's not uncommon for kids to be be crying and clingy. But this kid wouldn't stop at all.

This was our conversation after school yesterday.

Me: So how was school, honey?

Dink: I cried.

Me: I know, but when I left Miss Lori was giving you a snack.

Not a dumb teacher. Give the kid food to keep her mind off of her problems.

Dink: Yah.

Me: What did you have?

Dink: Fishies.

Me: Did you eat'em?

Dink: Yah.

Me: Then what did you do?

Dink: I cried.

Me (rolling my eyes): Ohhh-kay. Then what?

Dink: I had water.

Me: And then?

Dink: I cried.

Lori confirmed the whole thing. I told her she (meaning Dink) wasn't feeling well. Lori is convinced it's the trasition. Dink must be going through Miss Lauren withdrawl.

Oh, I so need an aspirin the size of a hockey puck.

I did forget something this morning


I left my USB jump drive at home. It has the photos. Sorry.

I will download tonight and put them on Blogger providing Blogger isn't being temperamental.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Chopped more hair off my skull

This haircut actually brings out the highlights better.

Yay me!

Wow, could these posts get a bit more boring?

Of course, the Dinker got her hair cut again. She loves getting her hair cut, shopping for shoes and clothes, wearing fashion sunglasses, and dancing to techno.

They say character traits skip a generation.

Yet another prompt for me to find out who my birth parents really were.

All work and no play royally sucks

I just haven't had time to blog or comment or comment on comments.

Those bastards I work for are actually making me work. The nerve of some employers.

Ergo, I haven't been able to do much.

All of this damned inconvenience is due to one thing ... my boss resigned.

For those keeping score, this makes boss number three to leave in less than nine months.

Oh wait, I never told you about boss number two quitting back in February.

The CEO wants to know what the heck I'm doing to these guys to make them quit.

I'm just being my pleasant self

*flashes cheesy smile*

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

D-Day - 62 years later

This post is for Geo.

When I turned on the radio this morning, the top story on the news channel was today's date. i instantly thought, "Oh yeah, the invasion of Normandy."

No. It's because today is 06/06/06 (i.e, 666 - the Devil's Mark).

That ... was top news. Not one of the bloodiest battles in warfare history.

No wonder this country is bassackwards at times.

Let's try to remember this day for the real reason it should be remembered.

On this day 62 years ago, operation Overlord was put into play after years of planning. It included over 5,000 ships, 11,000 planes, and over 150,000 service men. These brave men were breathing targets for the German forces that guarded the French beaches. When the sand settled, the Allied Forces suffered nearly 10,000 casualties and more than 4,000 troops killed. (Source)

But they persevered and succeded. It was the beginning of the end of Hitler's domination of Europe.

For the love of all that is holy, who cares about the secret Devil mark.

If you really want to remember today, say a silent prayer for those soldiers who fought and died in the name of liberation and freedom 62 years ago today.

Monday, June 05, 2006

It must be tough being popular

Not that I'll ever know about it.

I'm referring to my sprog, Dinkerdoodle.

When I dropped her off at school this morning, there was her new teacher, Ms Lori. Her former teacher, Miss Lauren, was there in the playground also.

Dink didn't know what to do. She looked at Lori and looked at Lauren as if to say, "Holy crap, who do I go to?!"

Lori said, "I'll take her" and picked her up.

Then Lauren walked over (uh-oh). She said, "Dinky, do you want me to hold you after Tammara's mom drives by?"

I'll explain that one.

The playground is next to the parking lot which is a big ole circle. Usually, at drop-off, the children will either dart off to play or hang with a teacher. Lauren, the world's favorite teacher, normally has a line of kids around her. Today, little Tammara wanted to have Lauren hold her while Tammara's mommy drove by the playground to wave good-bye. This is actually a normal thing.

Then along comes Dinker.

Lori held Dink for a few minutes while I hung back to tell Dinker I'll see her later. When Tammara's mommy drove by, Tammara took off. I then talked to Lauren for a few while she held Dinker. She told me about her weekend and how, as she watched the movie "Ice Age", she noticed a "Star Trek" reference in it (she knows I'm a Trekkie). She said she'll help Dinker learn to do the Vulcan peace sign.

Dinker just ate up the attention.

As I drove by, I saw Lauren try to get Dinker do the Vulcan peace sign. She almost got it. They both waived good-bye as I drove by the playground.

I'll bet you by tonight, Dinker will have the Vulcan thing mastered.

The strep that never was

First off, thank you for all the "get well" wishes. I even thank you all for the nagging (you know who I am talking to).

Well, it wasn't strep. I flunked the strep test.

I did have a virus that knocked me out of commission for three days. But it wasn't strep.

I had a fever, but no strep.

I had white marks in the back of my throat. My doctor told me they were mouth ulcers. How nice. Nothing a little salt water gargling didn't eliminate.

Now I'm back. I have a sinus headache, but, heck, that's a walk in the park for me.

And the Dinkerbug is fine. Her Lauren Becall voice? The little imp was mimicking me. Sweet child.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Strep Update

Yes, Jade, I am going to the doctor's this afternoon.

My throat is on fire. I can barely talk or swallow. My ears hurt. My head hurts. I feel awful.

I want me mum. But I don't want everyone sick, so I did the alternative.

Dinker is at my parents' home so she is far away from me.

But I'm not even sure that will help. This morning, she was coughing up a storm and her voice is starting to resemble Lauren Becall's.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Strep throat

Awwwww, nuts.

I think I have strep throat.

I'm pretty sure I have strep throat.

  • red and white patches in the throat - check
  • difficulty swallowing - check
  • tender or swollen glands (lymph nodes) in the neck - check
  • red and enlarged tonsils - check
  • headache - not unusual with me
  • lower stomach pain - I always have that
  • fever - check
  • general discomfort, uneasiness, or ill feeling - another everyday occurance
  • loss of appetite and nausea - check

Yep, I have strep.

Dinker's Exodus

My baby is not a baby anymore. She is a pre-schooler.

Dinker will be going to the "big kids" floor in two weeks at school.

Okay, maybe I should clarify a bit.

Her school is actually a converted house. The basement holds the infants and pre-toddlers. The ground floor houses the toddlers and the "not quite pre-schoolers but almost there so we'll dub them get-sets". The top floor houses the pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. Those are the big kids.

And she gets a new teacher, Ms Lori.

All I can say is thank goodness. I was starting to think she'll never escape the clutches of Miss Lauren (whom my child worships).

Yeah, that's the perky blonde haired nymph in the flickr photos. I shouldn't be so mean, but I can't help it. She's probably a nice person and kind to animals and all that other happy stuff. But she looks like she is working there as part of a high school program; ergo, I can't take her seriously.

Don't get me wrong, though. I really like Lauren a lot.

Yeah, she used to remind me of a blonde snob that looks more like she should be shopping 24/7 and driving a convertable white Mercedes and married to someone who makes enough to keep her in the lifestyle she demands. That used to be my impression of her, but I was wrong.

She's actually pretty cute and she's awesome with the kids. And she's single which shocked me. Whether or not she is spoken for is unknown. It's a shame I never got to really know her. Oh well. I guess I could buy her a "thanks for everything" gift (Lauren, not Dinker).

I know this will probably be a "big deal" for at least two or three days. I am praying really hard this won't become grounds for sending my kid right into therapy in the future.

Dinker has been in that school for almost two years and she has had Lauren as a teacher for a total of 17 months. My kid needs variety, dammit!