Sunday, May 25, 2008

Maidink's Sunday Ramble

*opens door to blog*

*gasps at a bunch of spiders and a couple of rats that go scurrying by her feet*

Oh man, this is scary. I haven't touched this blog in a year or something. It's dark and creepy and smells like death in here.

*feels around the walls*

Where the hell is the light switch?

*finds it and clicks it on*

Whoa. I guess I should have asked Connie or someone to remind me to cover the furniture before I left. There aren't dust bunnies in here. They're more like dust badgers.

*finds a bottle of unlabeled booze*

*opens it and takes a swig*

Pppuhhh-HOOOOOOOO!!!!! WOW! That stuff has a kick to it. I'll leave that for MJ to drink.

*plops in a chair and a cloud of dust engulfs her*

cough cough cough

O.K., since my main blog is housed on a server that presently has a fried HDD, I'm forced to do my usual ramble here at these ancient runes of Blogger.

Here we go ....




Well, so there we are. No Ramble today.

*takes another swig of booze*

*shakes head*

Eeeeeeee-YOW that stuff is firewater!

O.K, well, I dusted off the bar and the serving tables. There's plenty of booze and some appetizers and hot hors d'oeuvre. Partake until the other blog comes back.

Toodle pip!


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Lucky me, I still have all 3 feeds in my reader.

q said...

took me a year to find this place. you do know you have 5 or so "old" blog places right?

eroswings said...

I was wondering what was going on. Kept getting previous blog entries that stopped in April...I thought perhaps I had dreamt the last few weeks!

eroswings said...

I see like your painted ladies you've gone into your cocoon. Let us know when you emerge and flutter your wings...

Hope you're doing fine.

Serena said...

And . . . ?

eroswings said...

Hope you're doing okay and that your family is fine and warm!

I've awarded you the Lemonade Award, for taking life's lemons and making lemonade (and margaritas)!

eroswings said...

Happy Thanksgiving!