Monday, October 04, 2010

Ok, so that didn't work

I deleted the new improved blog. I made one post and didn't touch it again for nearly a year. Anyone surprised at this move? I'm not.

So it's back to this blog.

Since no one follows it anymore, I find it to be more of a sanctuary than a chore. It's a place to release my inner angst. You think teenagers have a corner on the market when it comes to angst? Ha!!! Try being a mom ... or the mom of a teenager. Thank god I'm not there just yet. I have almost 5 years for that one to hit.

So that's it.

My blog for my opinion and if anyone reads it, I'll be shocked.


Smunty said...

Ha, I read it. By shocked, do you mean wired up to a Tractor battery with your feet in a bucket of water?

*crosses fingers*

eroswings said...

Welcome back!

I hope the family is doing fine and I can't believe your baby girl is but a few years away from being a tween!

Maidy said...

Smunty - Why does everyone want to see my demise? The hell!

Good to see ya, Smunt.

Eros - Hey, gorgeous!! Glad to see you drop by. Yeah, Dink's almost 8 now. Lord help me. Damian (that's the boy) is now 3 and into everything. Drives me bat shit he does.