Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Night

Saturday night in this house can be so painfully benign.

Last week, Geo and I went on a 8 hour round trip to pick up some 1940-something truck thingy for a friend of his. It wasn't all that bad. We went to Middletown NY to pick it up in a flatbed tow truck. Oh yeah, there's the epitome of our relationship. No kids for the day and we go to Inthemiddleofnowhere NY to pick up a truck. Thankfully he got paid to do this.

One good thing about last week was where we had dinner. It was at this place called the Americana Diner on NY Route 211 in Middletown. Their food was pretty damn good. There was also a couple of hot looking chicks there so that made the dining experience all the more pleasurable.

Then came Sunday and the rest of the week. It was work, come home, repeat.

Now we are up to tonight - Saturday night. It's the night before Easter Sunday and I still have to make the Easter baskets for the two urchins. I have no idea why. Gem has already informed me she doesn't believe in the Easter bunny.

"It's just a person in a rabbit suit."

That's what happens when you tell a little kid a few years ago NOT to be afraid of the giant, scary Easter bunny in the mall. Hey, if you had this to show your child, what would you do?

Exactly! You tell said child, "Oh no, sweetpea. It's just your imagination. The Easter bunny doesn't have fangs and this crazed look in his eyes. He's not even real. It's just some person in a rabbit costume."

The words now come back to haunt me.

So on that pleasant note ....

Happy Easter

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eroswings said...

So that's how the tortoise won the race; he ran over the hare! That is one unlucky bunny, and he still has his feet!

Happy Easter!