Thursday, March 26, 2009


This was tonight's conversation with the girl while going over her homework for kindergarten.

Me: OK, pumpkin. You color the spaces that equal one green, two red, three leave alone, four yellow, and five brown.

Gem: OK, mommy.

Me: Now, you understand what you have to do? You have to add the numbers together and the answer is the color.

Gem (with attitude): I KNOW that, Mommy.

Me: OK, OK, just checking. So, *points* this one says three plus two. What does that equal?

Gem: Brown

Me: No, honey. It's five and five is brown.

Gem: That's what I said! Brown!

Me: No, baby. It's five and five is brown.

Gem: Right. Three and two is brown.

Me: No, sweetie. It's ...


Me: Ummm, nevermind. You get it.

I really wanted to go into an explanation that she was using logic, but I'm just happy the kid has her colors correct.

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