Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maidy's Sunday Ramble 03/15/2009

That's right, minions. I'm back and so is the ramble.

Let's see, it's been about seven months since I have even wrote a real ramble so I may be a bit rusty at this. Just bear with me.


My daughter talks a lot. She gets it from Geo. Majority of the time I have no idea what the hell she is saying. It all starts out the same way.

"Ummm, mom? I blah blah blah blah ... *trails off into something inaudible* ..."

I swear to God it's like she was told if she stopped talking, she'd die.


The girl has been preoccupied with death lately. I don't know what prompted it but it's getting quite ghoulish with her.


I have a new job as most of you do not know. Yeah, that other job I had for like EVER, the one that I hated but stayed with since they paid me to do nothing, laid me off last June. Pretty nice of them since they probably could have fired me for about a gazillion things.

Anyway, I work for a music company now. We are in the field of broadcast media. That, my friends, is all I will give in identifying where I work.

What about my job? I love it. It's high stress and demanding and I seriously love every second of it. I'm sure as the days trudge along, I'll have more blog fodder relating to it.


I bought a new sippy cup for JT today. It 's spill-proof, leak-proof, and break-proof. Those are three elements that are key to things we give to that boy.

There's just one slight problem ... I can't get the damn thing open. I twisted, pushed, slammed it against the counter, and the damn lid won't budge. Yeah, it's leak-proof alright ... because you can't get any liquids in the stupid thing.


JT sneezed in my face. That was pleasant.


Has anyone out there watched Foamy the Squirrel? If not, I highly recommend you watch some of his rants.


Why doesn't iTunes have AC/DC? They have freaking Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, but they don't have AC/DC.

That just seems messed up to me.



I bet you never knew that leaving a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee on your car roof and then start driving away can cause a big ole messy and unfortunate accident? And that's especially so when the cup was on the driver's side and it spilled all over the roof and cascaded down the door. Made wanting to get out of the car to survey the damage a bit treacherous.


You know the mother's curse?

"Someday I hope you have kids JUST LIKE YOU"?

Yeah, it really works.

To those of you without children and heard that uttered by your mum at least once in your lifetime, you better hope to your god of choice that you were a child with a relatively good disposition or else you are so totally screwed.



Rimshot said...

YAY! A rant!

My kid is oh-so-very much like me.
There's some good in that too (not much)


P.S. gyncophs = word verification o' the day. Definition: Vaginal Police

MJ said...

Comment moderation?

What the?

Maidy said...

Rim - I hear MJ is a desk sergeant for the Vag Police. O.O

MJ - Quit bitchin' already

mdmhvonpa said...


eroswings said...

First off, congrats on a job that you luv! Sometimes, it's so worth the hassles when it involves something that you enjoy doing.

Dunkin Donuts does have great coffee and donuts! Perhaps they should serve spill/leak/break proof cups at Dunkin Donuts.

Maidy said...

MDM - Howdy dowdy doody day!!!! :)

Eros - Then I'll never be able to get to my coffee and THAT would only tick me off.