Friday, June 30, 2006

Some holiday weekend

Here in the states, almost everyone is gearing up for a long holiday weekend. My apologies for those that work for evil establishments that are making you work on Monday. My sympathies to those who must work on Tuesday.

Anyway, everyone, at least in my company, is all abuzz about their "holiday" plans. Some are going to Baltimore while others are going to the mountains and a few are heading for the Jersey Shore.

And almost everyone will kick off the weekend by going to Happy Hour at a local hotspot called Kildare's. They claim they are the area's ONLY authentic Irish pub and that they "are an authentic Irish experience". SID, I'll need you to fly straight away here to the states to prove that claim.

Yep, everyone is all light and giddy and happy. There are even people that USED to work here who are going to be in attendence tonight. And these are people I actually liked. It should be a goodtime for all.

Except me.

For the record, I haven't smiled once today since I got in the office. And I know my weekend will suck so bad I could probably market it as a vacuum cleaner.

Why the all out bitchiness? Let's rundown the list, shall we?

  1. I have no sitter for tonight so I can NOT go to the soiree after work. In the past ten years, I have not ONCE gone out after work with my coworkers. In the past decade, I have been prevented to go to these events by either my late psycho abusive bastard husband or my child. She's not abusive but I do question the psycho part. I'm not blaming Dinks at all. I am her Mommy and I should be there for her. But DAMMIT, I want to have fun, too!
  2. I'll have my car in the shop AGAIN on Saturday. It's nothing major, just maintenance. But I still lose a good portion of my day. Why not just reschedule, you may ask? I have. This is reschedule number 4. And believe me, the car needs it.
  3. Sunday will either be boring as hell or boring as hell without my car. I have no concrete plans, nor can I ever make any. And thanks to my social absence for the past decade, all my friends have written me off as "consistently unavailable" spare one, bless her soul.
  4. Monday is back to the shop for more major work. The last time I had three of my four locks replaced due to some malfunction or another. Guess what? The fourth lock now doesn't work. If those bastards make me pay a deductible for warranty work ten days after I had the car in the shop for the SAME problem, I'll go ballistic.
  5. This is the legal holiday, Independence Day, or the Fourth of July. Seriously, we Yanks actually call the day by it's name. I don't think any uses Independence Day anymore. It's always, "So, whatcha doin' on the Fourth?" I'm going to my friend's house, with Dink in tow, to her annual Fourth Bash. I've known Donna (that's her name) for over 23 years. And everyone in Donna's family as well as her hubby's family (his name is Paul) know me. Between the two families, there will be over forty people there. And these people love nothing better than to rib and poke fun at me (all with love, mind you).
It'll be Tuesday, the Fourth ... that day will be my only saving grace from a weekend of beyond benign boredom. I have no clue if Geo can make it to the Bash. He might have to work. Oh well. Work or not, I'm going.


Ruth said...

Car repairs suck.

Our trip to the land of the blue grass is saving us from the hubby's annual family picnic, which is always filled with freaks. Hopefully your weekend will end up being better than you've predicted.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I'm with Ruth. You are expecting it to be so bad that it can't help but be better.

Lowered expectations. I like it!

Have a great one! Or, try, anyway!

CrankyProf said...

I will be happy -- HAPPY! -- to pick you and the Dinks up on Sunday and drive you up to what promises to be an EXPLOSIVE fourth of July/family reunion picnic.

In this corner: the Metatron and the Hnadout Queen. In the other? The entire famn damily!

Wanna come and document? Bear witness? Laugh (and drink) your ass off?

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Bar? What's a bar? OH yeah... I used to hang in them... back before the two kids... and the much-better-half, come to think of it.

While I can't claim the same abusive spouse (notice I didn't omit the psycho part), I can't say I've set foot in an adult beverage emporium in about 15 years m'self (well, there were a few 'bars' at wedding receptions, but...).

I will grab a cold one on Tuesday, however.... one of the few things I still keep for myself. I'll raise a toast to you.

Francesca said...

Big, big hugs for you, sunshine! Cheer up...I'm betting your long weekend is going to turn out better than anticipated...

Virginia Gal said...

Well, if its any comfort,I've got no better plans than to have a Veronica Mars marathon since all my friends are out of town for this holiday and oh I am offically unemployed as of July 3rd, joy.

Maidink said...

Ruth ~ If they would have fixed the dang problem right the first time i wouldn't be so crabby.

So far the weekend has been okay.

Mr Fab ~ That's my philosphy - expect nothing so as to avoid disappointment.

CP ~ Oooo, I so want details about that one.

Charlie ~ Thanks Charlie. Make sure it's an import or Yuengling (I'm not crazy over most American brews).

Fran ~ *MWAH* Thanks, sweets! SO far it hasn't been all that bad.

VG ~ Don't fret the unemployment, dear. Things will look up for sooner than you expect.

Whose Veronica Mars? Is she related to Val Venus the wrestler?

Rowan said...

I'm ashamed to say, I always thought it was just called July 4th....I had no idea it was called Independence day

Maidink said...

Rowan ~ Yes, that is the calendar name for the 4th. You're in the majority so don't worry. And for heavens sake, you're Canadian!