Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Father's Day 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

Nothing! That's what's wrong!

We had an awesome Father's Day.

I gave Geo a Canon Rebel XT Digital camera. He's so spoiled.

Speaking of spoiled, we gave my dad a Canon PowerShot A530. Hey, i jip my poor dad every year so it felt good giving him something I KNEW he'd like.

Anyway (Pig's fave word ...),

The weather rocked!

We got invited up to my brother's house to his backyard resort complete with pool and hot tub. There was booze, soda, and bottled water. We were fed hors d'oeuvres and cute little sandwhiches.

It was relaxing and the Dinker loved being piloted around the pool via my brother.

It was great!

I still felt miserable as hell because of my allergies.

But, allergies be damned! Where there is free food, a pool, booze, and someone to entertain my kid, I don't care if I'm hooked up to a respirator, I'M GOING!

So, the man who doesn't wash dishes unless he can't find a mug, doesn't do laundry because he can't fold anything to save his life, doesn't clean or dust and would let the dust bunnies grow to the size of hedgehogs, doesn't even know the location of half the things in our house ... this man gets an awesome Father's Day.

*shuffling feet with hands in pocket and kicking imaginary pebbles on the ground*

And as CeCe gently reminded me via the comments, just because he doesn't do all that much around the abode doesn't him a bad dad.

Au contraire! Geo is the best Daddy in the whole world (as per Dinker) and that's all that matters.


CeCe said...

Yes, but is he a good FATHER?!?

Maidink said...

CeCe ~ Oh good heavens, yes! Yeah, yeah, I know, I know ... it's Father's Day, not Husband's Day. I get it.

I change the post around a bit.

Whinger said...

SO spoiled with the Canon Rebel.

Want it.

Maidink said...

Whinger ~ Sorry, one per customer.

Sangroncito said...

Hurray for good dads!
Digital cameras make great gifts.

PaxRomano said...

Now that sounds like a real father's day as opposed to the one I spent listening to Papa and Mama Romano yell at each other...I could have used the pool, and THE booze!

Piggy and Tazzy said...

I'd so love a swimming pool.


Tazzy got a digital camera (third one this year!) for Fathers day too - the Olympus u700.

Spikey1 said...

Drive thru ... hi!

Virginia Gal said...

Hmm...our buffet dinner for dad pales in comparison : )

Joe Tornatore said...

i got a canon powershot. love it.

Maidink said...

Sangron ~ Geo is an awesome daddy. As a hubby, he needs a lot of improvement. I'll let that slide for now.

Pax ~ Gate crash next time. You can do cannonballs with the Dinks. She'll think it's a blast!

P and T ~ I'd love a pool, too. Wait, I had one and I hated the damn thing. It's always better to go to other people's pools. Let them deal with maintenance.

Spikey ~ A drive-by Hi.

VG ~ it was a good time for all. I wish I felt better at the time. Oh well.

joe ~ My dad wanted to say, "This is too expensive for you kids to give to me", but he didn't. He liked it too much.