Monday, June 05, 2006

The strep that never was

First off, thank you for all the "get well" wishes. I even thank you all for the nagging (you know who I am talking to).

Well, it wasn't strep. I flunked the strep test.

I did have a virus that knocked me out of commission for three days. But it wasn't strep.

I had a fever, but no strep.

I had white marks in the back of my throat. My doctor told me they were mouth ulcers. How nice. Nothing a little salt water gargling didn't eliminate.

Now I'm back. I have a sinus headache, but, heck, that's a walk in the park for me.

And the Dinkerbug is fine. Her Lauren Becall voice? The little imp was mimicking me. Sweet child.


Sangroncito said...

Mouth ulcers? OUCH!

Maidink said...

Sangron ~ Oh and do they hurt.

Rowan said...

great thats what you need....your daughter mimicing your raw throaty voice...

Maidink said...

Rowan ~ Tell me about it.