Monday, March 16, 2009

Criminal in Training

The other day my *ahem* adorable son got a hold of a pen. How he got it is still a mystery. I think he has a stash of them somewhere in the house. Anyway (Pig's fave word), he is not allowed to have anything that can be considered a weapon and a pen would fall under that category. So, it was my sworn duty to get the pen away from said child.

I looked at him and yelled, "JT!!"

The poor boy got startled and jumped.

The thing he did next astounded me.

He looked at the pen, threw it in one direction, and ran in the other.


I looked at Gem who watched the whole thing from the couch and said to her, "Did you see that, pumpkin? That's what criminals do with weapons when being chased by the police."

I can already predict I'll be on speed dial at the Dean of Students for whatever school he will be in.


eroswings said...

Ha! That's funny! He knows the cardinal rule of crime: It's only illegal if you get caught!

MJ said...

I thought all parents had their kids registered in the school of their choice before birth these days.

Maidy said...

Eros - He's just like his daddy *shifty eyes*

MJ - This is true, but we suck so it's all good.