Thursday, June 23, 2005


yes, i'm back in the blogger world thanks to the bug up my backside. that and reading my cousin jr's blog kinda gets ya in the mood. you sit there and think,

"hey, i can do that. yeah ..."

then i hear another voice

"and who the hell is gonna read your crap? i won't. jr's writing has finesse. you can't even spell finesse without spellcheck."

that is true. i went on to make sure of my accuracy (another word i checked).

other people have voices to tell them to rob liquor stores or free caged elephants from various zoos. i have a critic.

so here i am. welcome to the most generic frigging blog you'll read. even the layout reminds you of the white labeled, barcoded, simply described products that graced the aisles of the local grocery store, can be seen in repo man, and were fixtures in the kitchen of my other cousin's home in my youth. yep, i'm boring with a touch of unsanity blended in to keep others on the damn toes.

no, that was intentional. i am quite the sane person. i just some things that others would consider bizarre or not of the norm - hence, unsane.

and generic ... for now

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