Thursday, June 30, 2005

pick-ups vs. mercedes

In my mundane world, I have to commute daily to and fro to my job which is an hour away from my home. I and my daughter leave super early in the morning and get home super late at night. That sucks.

"So, get a job closer and quite whining" says my inner critic.

"She is actively looking for a job closer to home. She isn't whining about anything. She accepts her life as it is" says my inner spiritual counselor.

"Whatever" says the critic, flips the bird, and disappears.

Anyway, I leave early so as to avoid most of the traffic on the PA Turnpike.

And the accidents. Least we forget the accidents that occur daily in almost the same spots. A few weeks ago, listening to the local news station on the AM dial, the traffic reporter starts off with "And it's another fun-filled day for west bound commuters on the [PA] Turnpike..." Call me intuitive but that's not the best way to gear up people for a rather nasty traffic report.

And then the real fun begins.

Why oh why do people insist on laying on their car horn in bumper to bumper nightmarish traffic? What - your car horn will make everyone else around you say,

"Oooo, that person has to get somewhere so I better move"

Guess what, sugar? It don't work that way. Everyone has to get somewhere and that fact that you are blasting your horn in some cryptic Morse pattern doesn't help.

Traffic is backed up for miles as you listen to the traffic report (it's now become your favorite station). The reporter states the source of this mayhem is an X number car accident blocking whichever is the most inconvenient lane about three miles ahead. They assure you the accident has been cleared but traffic is moving oh so slowly.

You hear a horn beep. Idiot.

Forty-five minutes and 5 reports later, you have driven your three miles and the traffic suddenly opens up. No remains of wreckage is around and now everyone is driving like Dale Jr gunning for the checkered flag.

So is a normal daily commute.

Except for today. Traffic was relatively light. It must have been some people have already left for their 4th of July extended holiday weekend.

Or they overslept.

You'd think with light traffic the commute wouldn't be dangerous. Oh, but there you are mistaken. It was doubly dangerous this morning. I witnessed four close call would-be accidents. And the perpetrators in each of these evil deeds were either pick-up trucks or Mercedes.

It didn't matter what brand of pick-up just so it was larger than an ordinary family sedan which I guess gave the driver carte blanche to drive like an ass. And drive that way they did. Running people who are merging onto the Turnpike into the shoulder. Not using a turn signal and zipping into whatever lane suit their fancy. And it was always pick-ups.

Please note: one of my biggest pet peeves while driving is others not using a turn signal. Last I checked, turn signals were not options but standards on all makes of cars. Another peeve is someone not thanking you via a hand wave for allowing them to get in front of you or onto the road from a parking lot or side street. Can you say "Ignorant"?

Then comes the Mercedes drivers. Another group that feels because they drive cars that cost twice my yearly salary, they can drive in whatever erratic way they see fit.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the more expensive a car is the least likely the driver will have a hands-free headset for their cell phone? Take note one day at a BMW, Mercedes, and any other vulgar display of wealth on wheels and the driver will have their cell phone up to their head. What, car payment too much that you can't buy a cheap little $5 headset at Wal-mart or Pep Boys?

I wonder what this evenings commute will bring. It's raining right now so the chances of another adventurous drive are near 100%.


PaxRomano said...

Lucky for me, that while I have a long morning commute, it's pretty much down a rural road in South Jersey - but still I see the same moronic driving habits!

Sometime I pretend that my gear shift has a laser beam that blows the other cars into oblivion ... what the heck, it works for me.

Maidink said...

I like the laser thing, Pax.

The softer side of me understands we are all on the road wanting to get somewhere and I'm very understanding.

The critic wants the idiots to fall into a sink hole.

tescosuicide said...

Sorry, I'm one of those assholes in a large white pickup driving like a nut - Honestly though, in my case, I drive all day - ALL DAY. (JR could tell you the horrors) Most of my work is downtown, you know how that is - but there are those customers in Skippack, Limerick, Norristown and Whitpain... I gotta do a lot of driving. All day I deal with asshole drivers, I finally decided that without attaching a high powered rifle to my hood, I can't beat them. So I joined them.

Maidink said...

My apologies and sympathies, Tesco. Center city in a pick-up? Yikes! Driving there is fine in a fidget mobile - better sidewalk clearance.

Next time I see a white pick-up, I'll jump in the shoulder for ya! ;)

tescosuicide said...

Right on! No offense really, just letting you in on the other side!