Thursday, June 23, 2005

oh boy! my first tag!

wowie zowie! thanks cuz for tagging me. i feel so special. no not really. i thinks me was tagged so i would start blogging. nothing like peer pressure and a swift digital kick in the keester ta get ya goin'.

A Lifetime

10 years ago: trying desperately to figure out of a way to get out of the world's worst relationship. i mean it; my girlfriend was a complete psycho. it was mostly my fault - i attracted ever emotional baggage handler within a twenty mile radius. i was in anger management therapy plus good old fashion regular get-my-shit-together therapy. i was moving into a new apartment in the NE. and, i was still going to night school fulltime to get my finance degree. wow, that's a lot. no wonder i was nuts.

5 years ago: i was watching my husband slowly mentally disintegrate due to his disability. my in-laws moved in with us just so we didn't lose our home. my marriage of less than six months was starting to head south. i was starting to lose control and wondered if i needed to head back to anger therapy again.

1 year ago: watching my little girl run around with a lego bucket on her head and crash into the walls of my home. her daddy had started job number three for the year hauling meat across all 48 states. life was boring and predictable. i loved it.

yesterday: called around and surfed the web to find hot dog concession trailers for sale. picked up my daughter who had a new scrape this time next to her left eye.

today: suffered pa turnpike traffic and now i'm in work avoiding that very subject.

tomorrow: probably the same thing as today but it will be tomorrow.

5 snacks i enjoy: chocolate bars with almonds; odwalla bars, namely berry and cranberry; ice cream - not a half-gallon flavor but something like ben and jerry's phish food; moon pies with an rc or milk; raw veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots with french onion dip

5 songs i know all the words to: the first four songs on the
b-52's first album; time warp from rocky horror; redneck woman by gretchen wilson; secure yourself by the indigo girls; every song on bat out of hell by meat loaf; there are tons of others (led zep, metallica, jason mraz, dmb, rolling stones, etc.) these are the ones i thought of first

5 things i would do with $100,000,00.00: (after retaining the lawyer and investor) give back to my church (really, i would); give some to my family and in-laws in the form of trust accounts and/or mortgage pay-offs; take a one year tour of the world; donate to certain charities; anything else i friggin wanted to do

5 locations i'd like to run away to: (provided i had cash and knew where the hell i was going) hawaii; scotland; germany; us virgin islands; down to the joisy shore (yeah - it's the philly girl comin' out)

5 bad habits i have: eating food i know is down right bad for me; avoiding work; getting up late; saying things around my parrot child that i don't want her repeating; repeating myself

5 things i like doing: spending time with my family and friends; listening to music of all sorts; going to amusement parks; watching classic movies; boogieboarding (which i will get back into again)

5 things i would never wear: fur anything; bikini; daisy duke short shorts; t-shirts you'd see worn at a state fair (ie., i'm with stupid --->); banana clip

5 t.v. shows i like: csi (all of them); touched by an angel; house; family guy; judging amy

5 movies i like: singing in the rain; tommy boy; the princess diaries; jumping jack flash; the longest day

5 famous people i'd like to meet: queen elizabeth ii; oprah winfrey; martina mcbride; hillary clinton (honest); johnny depp. if this were of the dead set: jesus christ; mahatma gandhi; queen elizabeth i; harriet tubman; robert e lee

5 biggest joys at the moment: my daughter; my relationship with her daddy, my fiancé, g; having a job that allows me to blog; becoming more spiritual; having my parents in my life

5 favorite toys: legos; playdough; laptop; saturn; ipod

here's the problem folks, i know no one! i can't say "tag you're it" 'cause i am brand new to the world of blog. as this progresses i'm sure i'll meet taggable e-peeps.

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