Friday, June 24, 2005

hot dogs ... get your red hots here

the trucking industry is not fun or glamorous. it actually sucks. i don't give a shit what you might see on bj and the bear or convoy. diesel prices are through the roof (as we all know from gas prices at the pumps), tolls are going up all the time, police just love to pull truckers over, and cars almost never cut trucks a break on the highways.

with all the bs they have to put up with on the roads, i'm surprised the road rage epidemic hasn't spread to them. i always hear about suvs and pick-ups getting into highway squabbles. not tractor-trailers. maybe it's the fact that no four-wheeler in their right mind would screw with an eighteen-wheeler no matter how pissy or bitchy they may be. i'm sorry but i don't care if you're driving a friggin hummer - an eighteen-wheeler will crush your ass and wipe its wheels on your hood.

so it's no wonder geo said to me the other day

"i want to quit trucking and buy a hot dog concession cart."

the man is not kidding.

he's already picked out the trailer he wants to buy and where he's gonna buy the food products. i have been looking up all the various info he needs to get the permits, licenses, yadda yadda yadda. and as for location, he believes he has found the perfect spot. so who is he looking at to be his main customers? yep, truckers.

i'll be quitting my job and donning a hotdog costume so as to dance and wave to passing traffic to drive business in.

and we're dressing our daughter like a cocktail wienie.

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