Wednesday, June 29, 2005

nope, that don't work either

I was given this wonderful task today in work. Well, I wouldn't say wonderful. O.K., boring as hell. But, it was a time waster so I didn't argue.

Our company was going to have a manger's meeting in Texas and I had to make up these little blank name signs that were to be given to each manager at the meetings. I was told to make the little signs cute and creative. Oooo, free reign of the artist license using clip art.

I decided to make them look like passport pages (my company does an absurd amount fo traveling).

Now, to create passport stamps representing each of our sites: Dallas TX, Philadelphia PA, Milwaukee WI, Long Island NY, Barrow-In-Furness England, and Oxford CT. Sounds easy enough.

Dallas got a picture of a cowboy hat with a sheriff star on it. Not bad.

Philadelphia got the big cracked bell plus Benjamin Franklin. So far so good.

Milwaukee got a beer and some cheese. Moving right along.

Long Island got the Staue of Liberty. This is easy.

Barrow-In-Furness got the Union Jack plus a double-decker bus. No grey area there.

All that was left was Connecticut.

.... uh ... what the frig does one use for Connecticut?

Nothing came to mind immediately. O.K. there is Mystic Pizza but showing a picture of pizza does not conjure up vivid images of the country's 5th state. CT is loaded with history but nothing that is especially pictorial. A picture of Nathan Hale? Not as easily distinguished as Ben Franklin.

I mean, every state in the friggin union has its own little nuance that makes it special. What the hell does Connecticut have?

Even their quarter is boring. A tree??

So CT's stamp was a picture of the state itself. I decided that Connecticut is nothing more than a huge rest area between New York state and the rest of New England.

Hopefully my company will see the humor in that.

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bob said...

Hi where is your company site in Barrow in Furness.Thats where I am have a look at my blog if you get time.