Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Eeee-yep, I jinxed myself

I'm sick ... again. Now it's in my sinuses. I can't chew without feeling a new experience in pain. And whatever I have is slowly migrating to my lungs. Why was I born with a horrendous immune system?

Happy friggin Holidays!

I just have to avoid certain things to keep myself well. One of them are smokers. Geo's step-mom is a smoker. We're visiting his family this Christmas. Hence, the stay at his dad's house will be cut very short if I am to avoid a bout of pneumonia for the New Year.

And I will post on the Union League ventures later. Sorry, no pics. Dumdum me left the camera in her coat at the coat check.



Francesca said...

Get well soon!

PissedOffPencil said...

I second that. :)

mdmhvonpa said...

Just drink lots of egg-nog. With rum. Mostly rum. Oh, hell ... skip the damn eggs and drink right from the rum bottle.

Whinger said...

Oh noooooooooooo - I hate the neverending nuisance illness. (Actually, probably everyone hates it.)

Do get some rest and drink lots of fluids and all that.

PaxRomano said...

Lots of hot toddys, tons of vitamin c, some rest (if you can figure out when and how to do that) and you'll be right as rain!

Shark-fu said...

Sick here too...may be Ebola...need fluids...oh, please make it end!

A bitch can't even imagine how that Avian version feels...

Merci said...

Sinus pain is awful. Hope you feel better soon!

Virginia Gal said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Maidink said...

fran - thank you. I'll try but no guarantees. :)

POP - Thank you, dear.

MDM - me and Captain Morgans will snub the Turkey Hill Egg Nog bottle.

Whinger - trying to drink as much as possible. Sticking with Chai tea, hot cocoa, and coffee (that is a necessity).

Pax - i love hot toddies and Hot Buttered Rum. My all time faves in the hot drink category. As for the time management thing, HAHAHA!!!

Shark - It's not Ebola, trust me. At least you don't have people wondering if you have avian flu!

Keep drinking the hot liquids. Try TheraFlu - that helps in a pich. But easy on that mixed with your Sudafed.

merci - I love bubble gum. Do you know how torturous this is???? And thank you. :)

VG - I'm tryng, BELIEVE ME!

CrankyProf said...

(And tastee kakes. And rum rum rum.)

Actually, try eucalyptus oil. Seriously -- boil a huge-assed pot of water, throw some Eucalyptus oil in, and breathe the steam. It will open everything up for a couple of hours. (You can get the oil at GNC.)

laurenbove said...

Hey new to me chica! Thanks for the drop by and the transit sympathy...by that I mean mass transit.

Cheers to you in your fight to win health. I too have a rather naughty immune system and I feel your pain when it comes to the bloody hell of sinusitus.

Long live Sudafed cold care shower tablets.

RaggyMaggy said...

hope you feel better soon maidink xxx

Tony said...

When sick, remember.... NYQUIL is the food of GODS!!!!!!!!