Sunday, December 11, 2005

Some Party Pics

I'll blog on the party itself later. For now, some pics.

The thing at the head of the table showing who's birthday it is

Yes, it was at Chuck E Cheese's. We had over 25 people and our house has a lawful max capacity of ten (as per me).

Hand-made Dora and Boots Birthday Cake by a Baltimore baker.  It says Happy 3rd Birthday, Georgeanne

Yeah, she wanted a Dora cake. A friend of our buddies from Baltimore made this.

Hey, lady, you dropped these.

It's tradition at a CEC party to throw "tickets" up in the air so kids can scramble like rabid squirrels after them. I personally don't like this; however, since I don't own stock in CEC, I guess my opinion means squat. Anyway (someone's fave word), here is Dink handing the tickets back to the employees that threw them. She thought she had to clean up. Though it's a happy thought, I doubt this obsession with wanting to help and clean will roll into her teen years.

I have one thing to say, sashay shante, shante, shante, shante!Here is an "afterparty" shot at our home. Everyone decided to come over anyway. Yes, my home is a disaster area so please ignore the mess (I do). Here is the Dinks modelling her new coat and hat from Nana and Pop-Pop. What a ham. My daughter - the clothes horse.


Whinger said...

How cute is it that she handed the tickets back?


Belinda said...

AWWW! Bella had a Dora cake for her 3rd birthday, in October, too! Why didn't I realize our littluns were so close in age? Cool!