Saturday, December 31, 2005

Randomness galore

The bro's family is gone. They treated my rents to dinner Thursday night. The Dinks went of course and she had a blast. Then the SIL had to be the killjoy. She tried to take my kid's chicken fingers off her plate. The logic: "Well, she's not eating them." Thank goodness dad put a stop to that (I would have put a fork in her damn hand). He told her they were taking them home so Dinks could have them for lunch Friday. What's next is the best. Can you friggin believe that sow wanted to take MY daughter's chicken fingers for the road? Logic: "I need my protein. I have to have them." She is so lucky I wan't there. So my mom made the ungrateful bitch egg salad for the road. Grrrrrrr. I would have told her to jam a cheesesteak up her ass. There you go, there's your protein!


My work let me out early yesterday. I almost fell out of my chair. No, wait, I did. Anyway, on the way home, the mobile rings. It's Geo.

"The heater died."

(said as sarcastically as possible) "Oh THAT'S JUST GRAND!"

"Yeah, I went to wash my hands and only cold water came out. I checked the thermostat and it was 60 degrees."

"Did you call the oil company for service?"




"I was going to work. Besides, the account's in your name."

"Gee thanks babe."

"Not a problem. Love ya!"

"Love ya too."

What can I say, I call to order take-out so naturally something like that would follow suit.

So when I got home, I hit the restart button on the evil thing. It kicked over but made this unholy noise. Then it started banging and I smelled the oil. Flick goes the kill switch and the phone call was made. By 9:30, I had heat again. I love my oil company. I bought their Platinum Protection plan for 24/7 service on my heater and I use every bit of it.


It's New Year's Eve and we're spending it with our neighbors. Hey, I hate traveling on New Year's. I don't even care for the whole New Year's Eve thing. Honest, many times in my younger single days I wanted to spend it alone, in bed, asleep. I didn't care! But some people thought I was doing it because I had nowhere to go so I'd get invites to go out. What does one do when it's 10:00PM and you have a friend on the phone saying, "But, duuuuude, it's NEW Year's Eve! Ya gotta go out!" No I don't. But I would. I still wanted to really sleep. Now that I'm older and hitched, I go as far as 200 feet from my home. Let's see if I actually watch the ball drop this year (it'll be six in a row if I don't).

One New Year's Eve, I got tanked at my cousin's place. We watched Dick Clark rock in the year with Kiss. This was just before the men of make-up made their second comeback. I laughed my ass off watching 40ish guys with big ole guts wearing their party garb and thrashing their non-existent locks as they banged their heads and held up the secret devil hand signal. It was comical as all hell. Then I passed out. I remember barfing my lungs up at sometime during the night. The next morning, with a hangover that could have killed a five year old, her goofy husband walked by the room they dumped me in and said (a la Hugh Laurie from "Black Adder Goes Fourth"), "Tally ho, barf barf!!"


I have been such a slug lately at reading other blogs. It's just that there are so many! I could literally spend, minimum, two hours just reading and commenting. I suck so bad at time management. I'll get better.

What's great about the blogworld is that I never realized there are SO many talented, funny, and interesting people out there in this world. There are scads of them. We are so drowned by the likes of sports figures, entertainment idols, actors, actresses, and others of such ilk, that Joe Smith or Jane Brown often go ignored and unseen. That's what is so cool about blogging. You don't need to be an IT expert or a literary degree holder to participate. Just have a PC and access to the net and off you go!

I tip my hat to all I have met in the past few months. You are all some of the best people I have yet to meet. Kudos, hugs , and high fives all around!


Comcast sucks


I so desperately have to straighten my home. There's crap everywhere. If it's not a toy, it's a book or some type of WWII militaria or a video game or food that was cleverly disguised as a toy or important paperwork (really should put that away) or an item manufactured in China or etc etc etc. So what does one who bitches about the untidiness of their home do? They blog, of course.


I've given up on my "no cussing" agenda for this blog. It's too much of a pain in the ass to write what I want and then stop myself by thinking, "Oh, but you're trying not to cuss." Then the train of thought I had been writing suddenly derails and I'm left with this slackjawed blank stare. No more I say!


I have to go on iTunes and grab me some music. My iPod still has 13GBs to go. Damn but that thing holds a lot of tunes.


It's now nine and a half hours EST before the New Year. What's your resolutions?


Belinda said...

To ignore New Year's Eve (you have it right, Girlie!) and to get moved from this house into the new one, get the new one painted, get this one fixed up and on the market...all with no bloodshed between myself (being the sheddER) and my husband (sheddEE).

CrankyProf said...

Hell, you're doiong more than we are; I went to Wegmans (a decadent, budget-busting treat) and loaded up at their olive bar, got some cheese and bread, and we're sitting aorund in our jammies.

We'll probably go to sleep before the ball drops, but fear not: a round of familial phone calls will jolt us awake at midnight!

Happy New Year, chickie -- we'll have to get together sometime in the New Year. I have a family membership to the Zoo -- I could get you and the Dinks in for free, when the weather is nicer!

Tony said...

To meet Belinda face to face, to be a better person spiritually speaking, and to maybe not fucking cuss so fucking much....

2 outta 3 ain't bad.

ps-I know you have my hot cops in heat volume 12 and I want it back

justrose said...

OMG that party. i am quoting this.

comcast sucks! hahahahahaha

happy new year. that was the year you said to eyebrow, "how now frau brow."

Whinger said...

I didn't even leave my couch. :)

Happy New Year - Comcast does suck.

Virginia Gal said...

Happy New Year - I don't mind your sailor language, hee hee.

boy your sister in law, what a piece of work!