Monday, December 05, 2005

Mail that creates my Junk Mail pile at home

1) Resident - for Pete's sake, if you can't take the time to find out who lives where, I won't take the time to read your mailing.

2) Mail addressed to my dead husband - he won't be needing that.

3) Mail in my first married name - oh yeah, this came from someone who knows me well.

4) Mail with self-addressed envelopes included - this is different from mail with just an envelope included. If you need to put a stamp on it, it's a bill. If it's postage paid, it's a beg-a-gram. If I had my way, both would be shredder bound.

5) Catalogs - being "tis the season", I don't mind these as much as usual. But ... holy chowder! I've received over twenty catalogs in less than five days! I don't shop that darn much. Least we mention the catalogs that I can't see how it was possible either Geo or I ended up on the mailing list. I'm getting catalogs like "Plow and Hearth". I live on less than 1/10th of an acre and we don't have a fireplace ... makes no sense.

6) Mail addressed my home's previous owners - okay, I've been living where I am at for close to a decade and I still receive mail from different organiztions addressed to the former residents. We even received a Christmas card last year. That was a hoot. Cards get sent back with a "no longer a resident" message scrolled on the front of the envelope. All else becomes future landfill bedding.

All mail that is leftover is opened and read ... which doesn't add up to very much.


Virginia Gal said...

When Dinks gets older, you should give her the "resident" mail, make her day. Kids love to get mail!

Maidink said...

The little midget actually gets mail addressed to her now, VG. But I will take your advice into consideration (she's older on Sunday 'cause it's her birthday).