Friday, April 28, 2006

Easing on the tempo

Okay, I admit it. A tempo of 100 bps is killing me.

I had to drop it down to 80.

Before you think I am a total wimp, let me just tell you now that I am up to fretting.

No, dearest SID, I won't fret over it.

I'm only fretting the second fret to an A on the 1st string. But doing it in 100 is just messing me up too much. Okay, I'M messing it up too much. So, I'm dropping it down. Once my coordination improves, so will my speed, I'm sure. Then we can kick it back up to 100.

One of my lessons has me switching from low A (open 3rd string) to an open 1st string (which is G) and fretting the A. This seemingly pathetic lesson to accomplished bassists is not only teaching me simple fretting, but it is helping me read my bass notes better.

Is anyone bored by this?

Anyone, anyone?


Fine, I'll post about the Dinks next. That always keeps some interest, I hope.


Rowan said...

sorry been off work.
When I played, we ALWAYS played at least 1/4 tempo in orchestra until the conductor was CERTAIN that we were capable of keeping pace. That said, I always practiced as well like you've been. I don't play bass (my sister did) but I imagine it's all the same.
Never "fret" you'll get there. Kudos to you! How're the calluses coming? *snicker*

Maidink said...

Rowan ~ Calluses are feeling a bit better. Or I'm used to them. Can't figure which.

You do realise I'm playing a guitar, not an upright. Seeing orchestra in your comment is throwing me off. Which instrument did you get punished with again?