Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter levity

Hee-hee-hee, I love this one.


Piggy and Tazzy said...

Do you know? I've never understood the significance of the rabbits.

I want easter EGGS, not rabbits - if only because there's more chocolate in the eggs.

Happy Chocolate Weekend, sweetpea.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Oh bollocks!

Yay! I was first!

Sangroncito said...

I like those marshmellow to pull apart!

Merci said...

They just had something on CNN about the significance of rabbits. Something to do with spring and fertility and reproducing like, well, rabbits. The goddess celebrated had a name that sounded something like Easter.

Anyhoo, thanks for the laugh. Why do we eat the ears first?

S.I.D. said...

Happy Easter to you and yours.

Why couldn't it have been chocolate elephants????

Brought to you by Pinnko

Tony said...


I love it! :)

Your sense of humor cracks me up!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Happy Easter!

Spikey1 said...

Happy Easter.

Joe Tornatore said...

Ear Ye. Ear Ye.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

If you have any leftover chocolate, we want it!

We're planning on making a chocolate SID and placing it in front of the radiator, then laughing as it melts.

Rowan said...

me too! I've seen it a few times this season, and I STILL can't get enuff of it.

Francesca said...

I hope it's not Karma at work here:

Me thinks Maidink has been eaten by a giant chocolate Easter Bunny.

Yep!...This must explain her disappearance...or is she just out playing hookey like me today, again! hee-hee ;)

S.I.D. said...


Easter is over.Come out,come out wherever you are.

Maidink said...

P and T ~ I'll send you some choccy eggs and extras but you are not allowed to melt poor SID. Think of the Earthangels. Let them have a go at destroying the choccy effigy first. Selfish little boys.

Sangron ~ This may sound disturbed, but, when I was a kid, I thought of peeps on a rack as i pulled them. "Talk, damn you!" "CHEEP CHEEP!!"

Merci ~ Don't know on the ears thing. I guess it's a sick tradition. Our family buys a butter lamb each year and each year, without fail, there is a fight amongst the children on who'll behead it. My nephew, Ryan, won this year.

Tony ~ It's sadistic yet cute. Yep, that's me! :)

Mr Fab ~ and to you!

Spikey ~ Thank you, and I pray your Passover season was well.

Joe ~ *smile* I can always count on you for an excellent response.

Rowan ~ I saw it about seven years ago and peed myself. Thank goodness for Google and their photo search gallery.

Kyahgirl said...

Happy Easter M! way late :-)