Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"Maidink's World" Updates

Where to begin, where to begin.

Oooo, I got it.

The Dinks! She should always be first. I mean, she is "she who must be obeyed". The cute little tyrant.

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We have the phone number for a neurologist to check out her headache problem. She must be bucking for the "Most Specialists Seen in One Year" award. That award is normally won by people over the age of 68. That aside, it seems three doses of Tylenol did the trick last week. In response to everyone's thought on Imitrex for toddlers, the answer is "I have no friggin clue". I guess we'll get a more sound answer once we see the neurologist. Of course, I have to actually call to make the appointment.

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Moving on, I went to another otolaryngologist last week in regards to my increasingly poor hearing. After being tested by an audiologist, the results are I have otosclerosis. And it's hereditary and it mostly affects women (sorry, Dinks). I actually knew I had otosclerosis from the last otolaryngologist I visited; so, this was nothing new. This doctor, however, at least suggested what I can do to improve my life a touch.

I need a hearing aid. Just one, mind you. It would be for my left ear where I can't hear low tones worth a scrap. My right ear seems to be fine which the doc quickly added, "... for now."

I'm getting the one that fits in the ear. The glasses stop me from getting over the ear. I just bought them, dammit!

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Since we seem to be stuck on the broad subject of health, both Dinks and I have dental appointments next week. Mine is a check-up. And I have to be fitted for a night guard. Yes, I grind my teeth. Dink's visit is her first and this dentist does NOT allow the parent to accompany the child during the visit. As much as I don't like that idea, I must agree on their reasoning: parents are distractions. We are, actually. Removing us from the dental visit allows the child to concentrate more and I tend to agree with this. Then we have my neighbor who told me she took her kid there and "they needed three people to hold him down". Her kid has some "problems", so I can see how the incident could have occurred. Be as it may, I'll abide by the rule.

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Geo is still alive, but he hasn't done anything blogworthy. Maybe next time.

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Dink's little class at daycare has a pet. It's a beta fish. They named the poor thing "Tuna Fish Sandwich".

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Dinks is still playing her keyboard (pffffttttt to you, Spikey).

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I went and bought an Ibanez electric bass guitar package. Remember I asked everyone's opinion on the subject of "should I, shouldn't I". Jade, who is the professional, suggested I concentrate on the free six string before I put out the cash for a four string. It's not that I ignored Jade's advice. On the contrary, I took it to heart. And I know she understands the underlying passion a person may have towards the performing arts. I have had this passion for as long as I can remember with no real support (other than my late husband but even his support was minimal). I am bound and determined to know the bass in every aspect possible. I may not be headlining at the Tweeter Center in Camden or the Tin Angel on Second Street, but I will practice as if I am going to someday.

I'm still using the six string. For some odd reason, playing it seems to be clicking more now than it did before. Go figure.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Dinks loves accompanying me when I practice. She runs out of the room and comes back with her Wiggles Wiggly guitar and rocks out like she's Jimmy Page. That had me a bit concerned that she might want a guitar now. That would convert the keyboard to our newest space for putting folded laundry. I asked her yeaterday, "Dinky, do you want a guitar like Mommy's guitar?" She looked at me and said, quite seriously, while waving her little hands, "I have a Wiggles guitar. That's all. I don't need a guitar." Whew!

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Dinks said to me the other night, while she was sitting at her keyboard, "Mommy get your guitar and we'll jam." That's my girl. Of course, I have no clue where she picked up that phrase.

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My nan hated Little House on the Prairie. "Everyone cries in that damn show" she would say. And it was true, every episode had someone crying.

Angelina Ballerina is my "Little House on the Prairie". Every single episode of that cartoon has either Angelina or her brother or some other friggin rodent crying ... without fail! It drives me up a wall.

Last night, when the show came on, I heard Dinks yelling out, "Mommy, they're crying again." See? Even my kid notices it.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Dinks has finally fallen victim to marketing.

Has anyone seen the adverts for "Huggies Cleanteam"? There is this mule named Molly and she is a mitt. Molly jumps on the screen and talks, and then we watch a child getting a bath and being all excited that he can get done all by himself. Well, when we went food shopping and Dinks saw Molly, we had to get it. It was relatively cheap so I thought no big deal. All throughout the store, she told EVERYONE that she had Molly. She was so excited over these disposable bath mitts. Now, getting her to take a bath is no longer a challenge. She can't wait to use "the Cleanteam".

I'm not happy that it took the advert to get her into such a mode, though. That means Christmas this year will be "Mommy-Daddy-I-want-this-and-this-and-etc".

Oh joyous noel.


Whinger said...

When I was in college, there were re-runs of LHotP every afternoon.

I may or may not have participated in more than one round of a drinking game that was based on the number of times Michael Landon teared up in any given episode.

S.I.D. said...

I think a parent should be allowed in to their child's dentist as long as they are productive and positive with them.
Maybe just have them in the background for security??

Failing that, do the dental work on the earthangels yourself and they will soon sit still for anyone!

Watching Little House on the Prairie is getting teeth extracted!

Sangroncito said...

Ugh...too many health problems. You deserve a big prize from the tooth fairy or his/her equivalent!

Spikey1 said...

Give it till Christmas! :PPPPPP

mdmhvonpa said...

Oh man, I do detest those mice and their silly little tu-tu outfits. Where are all the cats. It's racial discrimination I tell ya!

Jaded&Opinionated said...

Jadette's dentist insists that you remain with your child, holding him/her in your lap. She will look in your mouth so your child can watch, then repeat it in the child's mouth. She says it makes kids feel more comfortable to have parents there.

I certainly do understand that passion, since I am a professional musician etc. I just also know the dedication it takes...far more than people be good at something. I get many students who have a huge amount of passion, but once they see the dedication and committment it takes, they quit. We live in an instant gratification society, and there's nothing instant about learning to be a musician. It takes time. LOTS of time. And much more hard work that many people can even fathom.

But, if you've followed your heart, and you put into it what you need to, you'll be happy. And successful. Although to me, succes IS being happy doing what you love.

Kyahgirl said...

Wow, what a lot of info. :-)

I feel leary of your dentist's approach. After ensuring they were comfy I asked them if they wanted me to stay or go. Both said it was ok to go, on their second visit. I attribute that to their dentists' great kid handling skills. I agree with SID, if the parents have the right attitude, they can be a big help. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

Rowan said...

lifes been busy for ya huh? Sounds blissfully exhausting.