Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's a bass thing

Yes, SID, I am alive.

No, Fran, I was not offed by a giant chocolate bunny.

I've actually been practicing on the bass nightly. Once the Dinks is settled in her state of slumber, I grab the Ibanez and my Hal Leonard books and practice practice practice. That has taken away from my blogging and other internet based duties.

I am now developing the notorious calluses on my left hand fretting finger tips and my right hand plucking finger tips. I am telling you exactly how the calluses are developing since I know just saying "I'm getting calluses now on my fingertips" would leave some with odd minds to think of how the calluses occured.

I have grown very fond of my bass guitar. I love the way it feels and the tones it produces. I would like to take lessons, but I'll stick with the self-taught methods for now.

I still have my Squier Strat with which I do practice. I have noticed playing the six-string has become easier. I wonder why? Could it be I don't have someone insisting I learn classical guitar on a dreadnaught first and refusing to let me buy a guitar I really want? Or that I'm actually learning in small proper steps as opposed to learning classical theory which assumes you actually know how to read music quickly? Or I'm learning how to do it on my level and I don't feel intimidated, or scared of doing it wrong? Or that I now see it as fun rather than a chore conducted by a tyrant? Yes, my late husband insisted on controlling everything in my life, even my hobbies. Anywho, playing the Squier is a more pleasant experience this time around.

Sorry about the rant.

But, yes, I love my bass guitar. And that's why blogging has hit a sort of blockade. I'll still blog. No worries on that.

One thing, though, is I am selling my Guild Starfire III. It's a gorgeous deep dark green hollow-body guitar. I'll post pics later. Though it is a gorgeous piece, I don't feel comfortable playing it. It's probably E-bay bound.

What will I do with the proceeds? Well, I doooooo have something in mind ...


Francesca said...

Yaaaaayyyy!!! You're back!

Wow!...Great news on the attention to the guitar. It sounds like fun. Always great to pursue something of interest and I like how you are teaching yourself to play, instead of the lessons just now. Your reasoning makes loads of sense.

Let me know when your Grammy award winning CD hits the stores!


Whinger said...

Am irrationally angry at the bass guitar and its ways of distracting you.

Stupid bass guitar.

But adorable, adorable Dinks with her bonnet.

S.I.D. said...

Dig the rythmn girl!

I play like Segovia.

That's pronounced "Sick over ya"

Nice Geetar.

Maidink said...

fran ~ I don't know about the Grammys. I'll be happy if I can even record a CD that doesn't make people cover their to stop the bleeding.

Whinger ~ Now Whinger, be nice. The bass never did anyting to you, now did it? Dinks is adorable with her carton head. *proud mommy smile* thanks!

SID ~ Thank you SID. I do like that a/e 4-string but it's a bit pricey. And they have one in black, too. Decisions, decisions. By Segovia, do you mean Andres Segovia?

Mr. Fabulous said...

Could you be ANY cooler?

Curse you for raising the bar for all of us! LOL

CeCe said...

Good for you! I hope it continues to be fun for you!