Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter Stuff this weekend

Geo has off today, tomorrow, and Sunday. That's his first free weekend in over a month.

The Dinks has off from school today.

I'm in work.

*rolls eyes*

Easter Egg hunt and Spring Bonnet parade yesterday at Dinks' daycare (post pics later). Geo attended this one. It was the first time anyone at Dinks' daycare even met him. The parade was more organized than the Halloween debacle. At least the kids actually paraded around the parking lot.

Then came the hunt. That was funny.

It was told to me by a very good source (Geo) that the little ones in Dinks' class were actually plotting to push the big kids out of the way of the eggs and candy. Plotting! These are three year olds and they were practicing by running into the wall and pushing while yelling, "Move!" Geo and Dinks teacher were telling them, "No! you don't do that." It was futile. The little runs scrambled, crawled, and looted. They got the lion's share. The big kids got squat.

I gave Dinks the "it's better to share" talk. She gave some candy away. That made me fell a little better.

Now it's time to make baskets, dye eggs, hide eggs, pray I remember where the damn eggs are hid, go to church, and have Easter Sunday supper at my brother's home.

I'm sure there are other things I have to do. Darned if I remember what they are.


Mr. Fabulous said...

All is fair in love and Easter egg hunts!

mdmhvonpa said...

Rule #1, never hide the REAL eggs in the house.

Rowan said...

don't u love it when you find a nice melted foil wrapped chocolate egg a while later between your seat cushions?

and yes, I have to 2 year old was the glutton, my 10 year old barely got any candy...and when she wasn't looking, he went right for her loot before choosing to eat from his. Big kids suck I guess.

Maidink said...

Mr Fab ~ I love that she's thinking ahead, but that was too much.

MDM ~ learned that one last year. Thank goodness for Febreeze.

Rowan ~ Dinks won't let anyone touch her stash. Geo and I have to sneak it. We're starting to wonder if she has a secret inventory list.