Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's just another New Year's Eve

It really was. My butt didn't crawl out of bed until 9:30. And I wasn't even hungover or anything expected like that.

We did the neighbor thing for New Years. Damn they had a lot of food. I mean A-L-O-T. There was pork, sauerkraut, gravy, grande nacho platter (yumm) with sour cream and salsa, peas, cappicola, some kinda of very fatty sausage, provolone chunks, cookies, pies, cakes, muffins, and the booze.

Everyone did their own thing. We all watched football and talked about whatever. The guys all laughed at their own jokes while we women rolled our eyes. The kids all ran around in one big ole gaggle. They were all dosed out on candy and cookies. Out of all of us, the kids dominated the loud factor.

Our neighbor's littlest ones, the twins, didn't get to sleep until 9ish. Their son, who is Dinks buddy, passed out around 10:00. Dinks? She rang in the New Year with everyone. Our family eventually trekked back home around 12:45. As soon as Dinks hit her pillow, she was gone. I didn't get to friggin sleep until 1:30AM. That is approximately 4 hours past my beddybye time.

And so ended our New Year's Eve celebrations.

At least I got to see the ball drop this year.

It is just me or did Dick sound really bad last night? I know he had a stroke and I wasn;t expecting him to be his spry teenage self; nevertheless, he looked like he really should have been resting somewhere.

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