Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another "should I, shouldn't I" dilemma

For about 800 years now, I've wanted to learn to play guitar. I bought an acoustic Ibanez back in 1990. It never emerged from it's case and I ended up giving it to my girlfriend. At least she knew how to play.

Fast forward about 8 or so years.

My late husband was an accomplished classical guitarist. The man could make a classical guitar sound like a piano. Of course, he practiced about 85% of waking hours and had done so since he was knee high to a grasshopper.

I begged him to teach me. He agreed.

I bought another acoustic. This time a red Fender Dreadnought. The action was smoothe and easy on my tender fingertips. I practiced this time. But I was impatient. I couldn't understand why I wasn't able to play Lindsay Buckingham solos after two months.

Frustration abound. Again, I abandoned.

Then he died.

After his death, I didn't want to do anything. Then, slowly, I realized I could focus on my dream of playing guitar. All I had in my life were my cats and my job. I could throw my extra energy in really learning to play.

I also want to learn the bass. I really love the bass as opposed to the guitar. Something about the tone and the feel of the instrument does something for me.

But I had all these guitars so I figured, "Why buy a bass?"

I gave his most cherished guitars back to his parents, and one of his acoustics to a friend of his. Three remained which I kept. A custom 1972 Guild Starfire III, a maker unknown classical, and his beloved black with white fingerboard Squier Strat.

I love the Squier. The action on it is beyond fantastic. It is the PERFECT guitar for anyone wanting to learn. It is that user friendly.

I have an amp still in my attic. It's a little pratice amp (I forget who made it). I wanted a Pignose but my husband poo-pooed that. He said it was hype. Anyway, I have a stand and cords, too.

You see where I am going with this, dont' you?

It's back. The feeling. The want and desire to play the guitar. But I still want to learn the bass. I can pick up basslines in music quicker than the guitar.

So, do I break out the Endust and clean up the guitar and see if third time is a charm?

Or, do I buy an electric bass? I can get a decent one for around US$199. An amp, gig bag, strings, and other little whatsits will total the bill close to US$350.

It's not a money thing, either. I hoard my weekly allowance (yes, Geo and I have created an allowance for ourselves, so we don't feel liek we work for nothing). So, I have plenty for the purchase.

I know enough about both instruments to make a reasonably intelligent choice.

So, my dilemma is which.

Comments are most welcome.


Whinger said...

I'm completely ignorant, but is there anything like a traditional way to learn, like you should learn guitar prior to bass?

Maidink said...

I know what you are thinking.

Other than the instruments looking kinda the same, the methods are different.

So, learning one does not really help the other.

Spikey1 said...

"my dog has fleas"!

Maidink said...


Spikey1 said...



Tink said...

I think it's a great hobby. A friend of mine self-taught himself a few years back. There's even a free website that teaches you. Come on havn't you seen all these moms rocking lately.LOL

Tony said...

I totally think you should, babe. Then you and rose can start a band... like the go-go... you can call yourself The Blog-Mommies. You can wear tight leather cat-suits and sing songs about sex and PMS!!!!

I can be your manager!!! We'll be ROLLING in the dough! ;-)

Jaded&Opinionated said...

I think that before you go off and buy something new, trying learning the thing you already have. Yes, while they're different in approach and technique, they're equally as difficult to master. Maker sure you're willing to stick with it prior to investing in something else. One's not really "easier" than the other... both take time and dedication to do even reasonably well.

Just my opinion (even though I am a musician for a living)

Jaded&Opinionated said...

oops...and I meant TRY learning, not TRYING learning. I should try learning English it seems.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Start with the kazoo. It's an underrated and underappreciated instrument.

CrankyProf said...

I'm kind of with jaded&opinionated; start with what you have, and if you decide you want to keep with it, use the new stuff as a reward.

Now, of course, I'm imagining you after your "extreme makeover" as a punk-haired, axe-grinding, Hair-metal babe.

Kyahgirl said...

another vote for jaded and opinionated's opinion!

You are da bomb :-)

where are the pics of your new do?

Maidink said...

Spike ~ Ummm, no.

MILF ~ I planning on DVD's and the net ot help at first. I can probably learn, via tablature, all necessary chords; but I like to read music. That's where the frustration level begins. Reading the music is harder than tabulature (I think). I just have to make up my mind to read tab first, music later.

Later on down the road, actual person-to-person lessons.

Tony ~ Easy, sweetie. One thing at a time. First, we have to buy the cat suits. Then, I'll start the lessons. ;)

Jade ~ I do love the guitar and I know what you mean. I just have to make up my mind to give myself the time to really practice, stop getting frustrated, learn to love tablature, and

Mr. Fab ~ I'll get that for Geo. It sounds like his speed.

CP ~ No 80's hair metal here. The hair is too short. :)

Kyah ~ Okay, it's Jade's op at 3 votes. And I am, like, so the bomb, ya know! ;)

Pics are coming!!

Mainline Mom said...

I tried to learn to play the acoustic guitar but the action on my husband's guitar was too hard for me. I keep thinking of getting a new one and trying again, but with a job and a toddler and a blog, who has time? What I REALLY wish I had was a piano. THAT I can play.