Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thanks to IKEA, Dinker now has a big girl's room

First, a big thanks to everyone who tried to cheer me up over my predicted weekend from Hades. You really did help me get through it. Seriously.

Though I did miss out on an "awesome" time Friday night, the entire weekend was not a complete washout. More about that on the next post.

This post is dedicated to she who must be obeyed. Yep, that would be Princess Dinker.

Geo took me and the Dinks out to breakfast Saturday morning while my car was getting it's maintainence done. After the car was done, we surprised Dinker by taking her to IKEA in Conshohocken PA to get her a big girl bed.

We could have gone to the IKEA in Philadelphia, which is closer to our home; however, I hate the location and Geo refuses to pay the extra 1% tax Philly demands on purchases within the city's limits.

So there we are. Folks, you would have thought this girl just won the lottery.

She kept putting her hands up to her mouth and saying things like "Oh my, I can't believe it", "This is the best place ever", and "I don't know what to pick".

And the Oscar for Lead Actress goes to ...

She went nuts! She hopped on every bed she saw with the exclamation of, "I love this one." Geo and I were trying to maintain our composure as she jumped from bed to bed in giddy excitement.

Though I like shopping there, there is one thing about IKEA that I do find ... unsettling. During a visit there, I feel like a lab rat in a giant maze. I always expect a hunk of cheese to be at the check-out register as my reward for making it to the end. But that' my hang-up.

Finally, the Princess declared what bed she really, really, REALY wanted. She settled on this one:Hensvik Bed
It's a junior bed and that was a good thing. Geo's truck has a short bed meaning we couldn't have taken home a conventional size bed even if we wanted, too. I mean, we could have, but the tailgate would have been down, and, knowing us, we would have ended up on some traffic report about a bed in the middle of the road with a short redneck screaming and jumping up and down in anger.

Thankfully, that never happened.

Of course, I had to get all accessorized on the Dinks and I picked out this for her room, also.Hensvik Storage Unit
Add some new bed linens and a new pillow and voila!

We paid for everything (Geo and I picked up some little items along the route), I got my hunk of cheese, and we were homeward bound. Then the fun part came after we got home.

No, not putting the stuff together. That's cakewalk. I've been putting IKEA stuff together since IKEA first opened it's doors here in the US near me. My apartment (back in the day) could have been an IKEA photo shoot.

Okay, okay, I'm an IKEA junkie, I admit it. I don't care that Generation X defines IKEA as "Swedish for semi-disposable furniture". I like it!

After it is built, our new home will have scads of IKEA stuff. So there!

Okay, I'm back.

No, the fun part was cleaning all the stuff out of Dinker's room that was considered "baby" or "toddler". We also had to dismantle her crib. And then there was the cradle (yes, her cradle was still in her room) that was home to at least a dozen dust mite breeding zone stuffed animals. Out went all of it, stuffed animals and all.

Now her room has her new bed, new storage unit, a few (meaning about ten) stuffies on her bed and on a shelf, her bureau that was her changing table (sorry, we spent too much to get rid of that and besides, it's a nice friggin piece of furniture), a bookcase chock full of books (and she reads all of them), and a shoe holder. Yes, she needs one those, trust me.

And the Princess couldn't be happier.


Whinger said...

VERY exciting for one Miss Dinks.

*Sigh.* I remember the day I first got my own furniture. It was wondrous.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the move! I love Ikea, too.


Maidink said...

Whinger ~ I love furniture shopping. The looks, the new wood smell, the cheese at the register ...

Shell ~ IKEA so rocks!

CeCe said...

Our house is pretty full of Ikea too! It's tough for us to get there though, it's a two hour ferry ride, then a half hour drive. It's worth it though, about every 6 months. We're due for another trip soon!

Maidink said...

CeCe ~ As much as deep water scares the bejesus out of me, I'd do a two ferry ride for IKEA. BTW, I looked for the rat bin and was so ticked I couldn't find it. I so wanted to throw Dinker in it. Oh well.

Rowan said...

were you sad putting away all the baby things? While I took apart Doodle's crib and got rid of his baby blankets and clothes and toys, I felt so lost and last baby....not a baby now....

Maidink said...

Rowan ~ I'm always the reluctant one. Geo was ready to haul it through the window. I kept folding her blankies into a pile. Then Geo came along, stuffed in a green trash bag, and earmarked them for the local clothing drop-off site. The man has not one sentimental bone in his body.