Saturday, July 08, 2006

The "what kinda margarita are you?" test

I got this at Laurie's site.

You Are an Orange Margarita

At first glance, you are very unique - but deep down you are still quite a traditionalist.
A margarita may be "too fancy" for you, but you'll never turn a free one down.


Mr. Fabulous said...

***You Are a Mango Margarita***
Complex and sophisticated, you're the type most likely to order a round of twelve dollar designer margaritas.
You also entertain with flair, and you've whipped up a few original signature drinks in your time!

Wow, I'm quite a guy!

El G├╝ero said...

I love Margaritas..any flavor works for me! (but hold the salt).

Jaded&Opinionated said...

I am a Lime Margarita:

Realistic and grounded, you have the energy to tackle any obstacle that stands in your way.
Hyper and driven, you despise lazy behavior of all kinds... especially lazy drunks too tired to dance!

I don't know about all the energy...I'm too tired to have that kind of drive!

tescosuicide said...

I can't take this one ya see... if I were to find out that I'm a mango margarita, I'd have to drink myself - and thats just gross.

Rowan said...

I'm a Lemon Margarita
Sour, tangy, and overpowering, you tend to give people a jolt back into reality.
While you don't sugar coat things, you're honest - which is actually quite refreshing.

Maidink said...

Mr Fab ~ Yes you are.

Jade ~ I think that fits you perfectly. So there!

Tesco ~ Ewwww! Ewww! Visualization too much for me!

Rowan ~ Well, you are pretty blunt (at least from what I read).

Lisa said...

I love margueritas! I'd never had one til I went to Vegas a couple of years ago...very nice and oh so easy to drink (too easy lol)

I'm scored blueberry

"Honestly, there's no one quite like you. And believe it or not, most people think that's a bad thing!
You're open, wild, friendly, wacky, and tons of fun. You have a big personality... and a big heart. "

John Pangia said...

Very cool - I turned out to be Lemon, and that seems to be pretty accurate :)

John at Sid in the City