Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You know you're getting old when ...

I was going to write a list of clever endings to the opening title, but it looks like someone (probably a few hundred someones) already beat me to it.

Oh well, that's just as good. I doubt if my brain could have handled the stress.

It's sad when phrases from your youth are now obsolete. That's one helluva indicator that you're pushing the old dirt nap needle.

Phrases like "drop a dime on someone". Who the heck uses that now? No one I tell you. That was way back before mobile phones and when using a payphone cost ten cents.

And how about "you sound like a 33 on 45"? I got a few stares at the local Wawa with that one. Man, 33 and 45 rpms. I complain if my hard drive is slower then 7200 now.

Speaking of music phrases, I still call those music compilations that are normally released every Tuesday "albums" and the cover art "jackets". An album today is where one stores those old fashion photo prints and a jacket is what you wear.

For the love a all that is holy, I referred to the hot and humid weather today as being akin to living inside a terrarium. That was met with the ever more knowledgable reply of "huh?" I had one of those things in my bedroom as a little one. It evem had a froggy in it. It was actually a cool thing to have in the 1970's, dammit. So were pet rocks!

I guess for being an older person, I do consider myself relatively hip. But not twenty-something hip. I doubt if I could keep up withthe twenty-somethings of today.

And I bet that's what someone pushing forty thought about me back in my twenties.

Anyway, why not check more of my complaining about getting older at the new site:

Youth, How I Loathe Thee


Jaded&Opinionated said...

Y'know, it's a possibility that the people who didn't understand your references weren't just young and hip....perhaps they were stupid too. Just a though.

Christine said...

Meh, you're just too *smart* for some people. Not old, smart.

Rowan said...

idk....i'm in my 20's and ya know? I still call 'em albums and jackets, I get called old by the early 20 somethings at work, and I've never felt young since I was 13 years I a rarity? or am I just not cool? psst....I also use that line about 33 on 45 too....I get it, and I miss my old record daughter has never even seen one....imagine...not knowing how to work a record player!!! I remember not being allowed to buy cassettes causes records were cheaper.

Anonymous said...

I just turned 38 in Feb. and I feel old, too. My oldest (13) told me I'm nerdy because of some of the things I say and do. I still call say records w/jackets and glove box. I know about the terranium but never had a pet rock. What about mood rings, I had one of them! My family really loves it when I tell them I'm going to haul off and hit something. Kids today get bored too easily. They have computers, game systems, cable, etc and they complain they are bored and have nothing to do. Growing up, I had none of that stuff, just the normal stuff of the times-Barbies, books, art stuff, RECORDS and I had plenty of things to do. When they're bored, I tell them to clean the house and miraculously (?) they find things to do. When they get older and have kids, all the things they say and do now will come back to haunt them!


Maidink said...

Jade ~ I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. BUt, I fear you're probably correct in your assumption. I mean, for gosh sakes, I knew lingo from the 40', 50's, and 60's so they have no excuse ... except for maybe laziness.

Christine ~ I like to think it's because I'm smart and not because I know more Presidents than they do because I've been ALIVE longer.

Rowan ~ I had the world's coolest record player. It was a plain red plastic case and it had a BUILT-IN 45 adapter! Everyone else had the Bee-Gees or Bay City Rollers. I could make my player anything I wanted with a sticker. At least that's how my parents presented it to me.

Shell ~ LOL I forgot you're older by 5 months. OMG! I forgot all about mood rings. I had one and it stayed black. I thought I was possessed. Here, my brother did something funky to it, so it was permanently black. We had battery-operated stuff growing up (Simon, Merlin, hand-held football games, etc). And adults thought WE were lazy stupid because our toys needed batteries.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is, I still have the Merlin in my closet!!!


Maidink said...

Shell ~ Now that's bad. Sell it on Ebay. You might get a buck or two. :)