Thursday, November 10, 2005

Calling all cousins

Knowing how swift I am, my cousin can believe this. I can't find her phone number anywhere.

I am such a bonafide knucklehead when it comes to keeping phone numbers and calling people. In this modern day and age of Palm (tm), Pocket PC's, and MS Outlook, you would think I would keep one of those things up to date? I have a Dell Pocket PC that keeps dying on me because I never turn it on and the battery just drains away.

So now I want to tell my cousin that I am getting married and I frantically ripped through my house trying to find a shred of evidence that would reveal her phone number. Nothing.

I know she reads this blog so here it goes:

Dude, if you want to go to your Aunt P's on Saturday to see the hitchin', it's at 11. Food will be served afterwards - no starving (like your Aunt would ever allow the opportunity to feed the multitudes to pass her by). This is the closest I can get to doin' invites. Let me know.

If anyone else wants to show up and your in the Philly area, let me know. You might not get fed, but that we'll discuss.

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