Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Running out of steam

I have not been in the mood to blog lately. Since I mainly blog at work, anything work related must come first. And wouldn't you know these people think that's WHY I actually make my commute in the morning? No, not to blog ... to work! Sick-os.

Blogging at home is really not an option either.

And my life has been relatively benign lately; hence, I can't think of a blessed thing to blog about.

Even the local/world news and business world is boring. It's the same crap - "Troops should leave Iraq", "Cindy Sheehan at it again in Texas", "The weather is cold", "Christmas is almost here", "Deaths and muggings over the XBox 360", etc. Actually, that last one is bizarre.

It reminds me of when grandmothers were beating up each other over the Cabbage Patch Kids. Granted, I don't think granny was packing heat 'casue I never heard of anyone getting shot over the adoptable dolls.


I don't particulary like whining on the blog. Granted, I have done my fair share. But whining about the same stuff over and over is such a headache to me.

I whine - I adapt - I overcome.

I think I just need a blog break. And the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend is just about the perfect time to do so.


PaxRomano said...

I whine - I adapt - I overcome.

That should be the new mantra for this decade!!!

Have a lovely Turkey Day!!!

mdmhvonpa said...

Hmmm, parents killing each other for toys. Wonderful.

Tony said...

If you don't blog, I will miss you. I think it ever so sexy when you whine.....

I remember the "cabbage patch kids christmas of doom." Grown men and women beating the hell out of each other for.... a doll.

All I wanted was Optimus Prime.

Belinda said...

Crap. I whined today. Busted.

Francesca said...

Whine away!

I do it!...and will continue to do so until I feel better!...

Now, a bit of a bummer on you not blogging...I like reading your posts...but I guess it gets a bit tiring after a while, so everyone deserves a break...just hope you you are back soon!

Best wishes for a safe and happy thanksgiving to you and your family!


Rowan said...

aww, it'll come to you, you'll think of somethign when you're at the point you think you cannot find anything to write...I'm in another of those slumps myself. My mom got my first CBK circa 1985 from the black market (sorta) it was Bedlam in the stores at that time.

PissedOffPencil said...

Everyone runs out of steam from time to time. Especially those who recently married and/or have kids. You'll be back. :)

justrose said...

god, i know what you mean.

happy thanksgiving cuz.