Monday, November 14, 2005

Just when I think they don't give a damn

Yes, that is my true first name
I have been with my company for over four years. They have seen me through a troubled marriage, a dead husband, a burnt house, and a pregnancy. And all that happened in the first year I was hired!

So what do these goofballs who I occasionally blog about do for me? They gave me a mini-shower Friday afternoon. I almost cried. I was seriously expecting an Acme cake and a card.

That was not going to happen as per our CEO.

For starters, look at the cake! That beautiful masterpiece came from
Clay's Creative Corner Bakery of Berwyn PA. I almost fell over when I saw it. Clay's is the BEST bakery bar none on the Main Line in SE Pennsylvania. I mean they make CUPCAKES that are spectacular! The icing is a yummy buttercream that doesn't leave that sugary frosting taste in your mouth. And the cake is the perfect balance ... not too moist and not dry at all. For anyone that needs a cake for a special occasion (or any occasion) and can get to Berwyn PA, I overly recommend Clay's.

Besides that spectacular cake, I (okay, Geo and I) got gifts! I received a five piece chip-and-dip set from the CEO and his family. Another gift was a fluffy white chenille throw from my co-worker who is an even bigger Harry Potter fan than I. Round all that off with three 4x6 cascading photo frames and two gift certificates and you could have knocked me over with a feather I was in such shock.

It definitely made for one surprisingly delightful afternoon!


Rowan said...

that is really nice, more than I've gotten via work...congratulations on that alone.

Francesca said...

I'm really happy for you. You and Geo sound like you have something very special and real and I like your style! Everytime I read your blog I seem to learn new things about you and you deffo sound like a wonderful person who deserves oodles and bunches of happiness.

I wish you, Geo, and baby a lifetime of happiness and the best of the "good" in life!


mdmhvonpa said...

I work here in Berwin (mostly) and can attest to the tasty delights that await at the Bakery. Not to be missed!

justrose said...

congratulations darling

Virginia Gal said...

oh that is so sweet, just when you are ready to write the whole lot of them off, they go and surprise you. What a nice start to the wedding weekend!

Sangroncito said...

What a lovely cake!