Monday, November 14, 2005

No longer single

First and foremost, I want to give a blanket "Thank you" to my extended blog family for all the "congrats" I received this weekend. I especially want to thank my sweet Shyguy, Tony, for not only his e-card (and a Hallmark to boot becasue he cared enough to send the very best) but also for the lovely words on his blog in honor of my wedding. Big hugs and kisses to you!

Yes, Geo and I are officially henpecked and nag husband and wife. It was a lovely less than ten minute ceremony. Mr Charles Cooper kept the ceremony "short and sweet" as per my and Geo's wishes.. A few words, some vows, exchange the rings, and VOILA!

The groom was decked out in khakis, a Polo shirt, and a tweed-like sport coat (which he promptly ditched after the "I do"s). I wore my medieval inn-keeper's wife dress (at least that's what I refer to is as). It's a plain maroon floor length long sleeve dress. Nothing fancy. I wanted to look decent yet feel comfortable. The dress fit the bill.

My mom was the perfect hostess. I was pleasantly shocked that she held to my wishes and kept everything low-key.

It was a very relaxed atmosphere. There were all of 16 guests ... perfect. We had some snackies before the shin-ding and deli-meat lunch tray from Al's Corner Deli at Torresdale Avenue and Rhawn Street in the NE. The poor meat-tray didn't have a chance. It was g-o-n-e within thirty minutes. I was lucky to get a taste of the potato and macaroni salad before that too evaporated. The cake was from some bakery that shall remain nameless. I don't believe in slander unless totally justified. Normally this bakery, who is famous for their pound cake in NE Philly, does a good job. However, on this occasion, the cake was dry and quite forgetful. I smiled and choked a piece down for my mom's sake. She was so excited when she ordered it and I didn't want to disappoint her. Least we forget the champagne toast by the best man (who was decked out in his best black jeans). It was my kind of affair and I loved it.

I promise to post pictures soon. They are on Geo's laptop so I need to transfer them to mine.

So ... more to come!


Lost said...

Congrats again Mrs. Geo.

Maidink said...

lost - thank you very much!! :)

Rowan said...

Congratulations....are you sick of hearing that yet?

can't wait to see these photos

PaxRomano said...

Oh don't be so low key about everything...I was there and here's a photo of the hall before the six thousand guests came!!

Tony said...

uh... any nekkidness in those pics? Not that I wanna see nekkidness, but if you do have nekidness.... well.... go ahead and post it.

Just no nekkidness of Pax....