Wednesday, November 09, 2005

First glitch in the wedding already!

That didn't take long now did it.

The humbleman can only have up to four people. Okay. I told Geo this yesterday. I then said, in passing, if my parents agreed to having it at their home, we could invite more people and maybe have it later. Jokingly, JOKINGLY, I said something to the tune of "like they would even decline the chance".


Geo thought I was serious.

What did my loving sweetie do? He invited his parents. Now I don't know if that meant both his Mom and his Dad and Step-Mom or just one or the other. I don't know.

And I just got off the phone with my mom telling her it was going to be in Germantown with a max capacity of four guests.

Throw the brakes, Choo-Choo-Charlie! We gotta switch the tracks!

Called Mom back. Got her to agree to have it at her home. Called Geo. Told him all was a-go!

Now Mom's going to feel pressured to have her house pristine for the event. How do I know? We are talking my mother! The woman looks like Doris Day (no lie, she really does) and plays the part! My mom IS the Betty Crocker Red Cookbook! Right down to the etiquette section about "freshly ironed linens on your table", "fresh flower centerpiece for the table", "flowers are to be subtle in fragrance so as not to overpower the aroma of your meal cooking", "ensure the men are happy with their drinks", "engage in polite conversation", etc. Good heavens, she lives for this crap!

I look more like Winona Ryder and order take-out.


Virginia Gal said...

It wouldn't be a wedding without someone close to you stressing out, no?
Just enjoy your day - you deserve it!

Rowan said...

you went and did the exact opposite of your mom so you could try to drive her crazy, it's preprogrammed in ya, you can't help it.