Thursday, November 10, 2005

Creative ways of saying "thanks but no thanks"

I asked my brother, W, if he wanted to attend the wedding this saturday. His response? He's taking his son, my nine year old nephew, to a football game at 9 o'clock so he can't make it. He would see if my sister-in-law and my niece wanted to show up but there were no promises.

My brother is the biggest drone alive. If he weren't my brother, I'd probably consider him a total ass and never associate with him. But family is family.

The numbskull also had the nerve to say "you know you could have given me a bit more notice than three days".

This coming from the smack who invited my family to his house for Christmas dinner on December 25th at 1:00PM. I mean, that's when he actually invited me!!



PaxRomano said...

Ok since your brother can't make it I can bring Whatshisname with me!!!

Maidink said...

You are a sweetie!! Both of you!

Rowan said...