Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Anybody want a guitar?

No, not my bass. Good heavens, no.

No, I mean my Guild Starfire III.

I had a buyer. It was our neighbor's friend. Our neighbor is a tightwad - really nice guy but cheap. Not Scrooge cheap - he buys his kids whatever they want. No, he's dumb cheap. He's the guy that'll sit in traffic for 2 hours instead of using a toll road to save a $1.50 in tolls. Yet, he wastes $9.00 in gas sitting in traffic. Geo figured if it was one of his friends, the friend was dumb cheap also.

Geo was right.

I got the guitar appraised at two locations. One said $1000. The other, $750. I figure sell at a $1000 OBO.

The guy backed out. He didn't even bother haggling. I would have sold at $500 or $600. Oh well.


Now I either try with a couple other possible buyers, or it's Ebay bound.

I'm already giving away the classical guitar. Yeah, have one of those, too. But my co-worker's kid is going to a university to study classical guitar. If I know my co-worker, he'll try to pay me something. If he does, I'll take it.

Hey, I'm not stupid. Well, not all the time.


Mainline Mom said...

I want a guitar, but not for $1000! No seriously, I'm thinkin' like $100. I'm a cheapo too. Good for you for learning the bass. I wish I could learn the guitar so I can write little songs to my Natester.

Rowan said...

sure you owon't be playing again then?

Maidink said...

What kinda guitar? There are scads for a bit below $200. One thing I've learned - always try the instrument out first. Ibanez and Fender make decent low-end aucoustics. Try and avoid those Harmony ones found in your local Wal-Mart or Costco or wherever. They'll play nice the first two days, then go to crap. Try George's Music, Guitar Center, or a local shop. You're bound to find a good one.

Maidink said...

Rowan ~ Not this guitar. It's a large hollow-body - not fer me. Give me my little Strat or my bass and I happy camper.