Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Mother's Day Finale

Leave me alone, I've been busy. And my memory is starting to slip so I better post now before I forget completely.

So far, it has been Geo's family came up in a putt-putt mobile on Saturday, putt-putt died, family stranded, stayed overnight, and now it's Mother's Day and we're driving them halfway home.

That's way it should be, right folks? That's only fair. If you are purportedly "meeting" someone half-way, that means half-way through the journey. A journey, in this case, takes two hours; ergo, you drive approximately one hour and meet.

Someone has to explain that math to Geo's sister and brother-in-law.

Geo's sister tells her husband to meet at a rest stop in Maryland. What?!?!? That was a "were you even thinking?" moment. Of course, SIL and BIL were fine with that arrangement. Honest to gosh, if I knew we were going to drive that far, I would have said, "Oh friggin well, might as well drive the whole way now!"

Common sense, people! Halfway would have been a rest stop in Delaware. Oh no, we are going to Maryland instead.


We leave out around 10:30ish, maybe closer to 11:00AM. I told you my memory is fadin'. Around noon, the SIL calls the hubby. The BIL is already at the rest area. Geo and I are both thinking the same thing. "Oh goody, he can drive a little further so we don't have to drive as far."

Ha-ha-ha! That's funny. Ain't happenin'!

No, the SIL suggested to either get some food or rest up a bit. She must have forgot about option number three which would have been "drive a bit further so my brother doesn't have to drive practically to Baltimore".

And here's the funny part (not like the whole weekend wasn't one big barrel of laughs).

We were at a rest area that doesn't allow cross-overs. If you enter northbound, you stay northbound. And what does that mean exactly? It means the BIL would have to continue north anyway just to turn around.

The next rest stop further north allows cross-overs. That would have been a win-win situation all the way around. Completely ideal.

But not happenin'.

We get to the rest stop. Dinks is hungry and so is Geo. I had to admit I was a bit peckish myself. So the entire family sat at a rest area off of I-95 in Maryland and ate fast food. Now that's togetherness. I was a bit PO'ed but I wasn't going to say a word. I just wanted to go home to enjoy what was left of Mother's Day.

We didn't leave the damn rest area until 2-ish. First, mall torture. Then, rest area Hell. Was there no end to this insanity?

We, meaning Geo, Dinks, and me, got back in the truck and headed south to the next exit. I wanted to just go home so bad. Unfortunately, the Dinks was a bit rammy.

"I want to walk outside! I want to walk outside!"


So, where do you think I got to go on Mother's Day so my child could walk around in the fresh air? Go on guess. I'll give you a hint. We were close to Aberdeen MD and Geo is a militaria freak.

That's right! Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Home of a ballistics museum, lots of tanks, and Anzio Annie (aka Leopold), one of two surviving German railway guns from WWII. All of which we saw.

I admit I did always want to visit APG, but not on Mother's Day for crying out loud!

When the skies got a little unfriendly looking, we decided to head home. On the back roads. The entire way. And it took forever.

We didn't get home until close to 7:00PM.

It was Mother's Day. I never saw MY mother, I was starving, and I was pissed because another Mother's Day was shot to hell.

We quickly dashed to my rent's home so I can give my mum her gift. They weren't even there. They were at my brother's house having a relaxing time by the poolside while my brother BBQ'ed. Good for my mom.

My Mother's Day dinner was a chili-cheese burger at Nifty Fifties at 8:00PM. Yippie-ki-friggin-ay.

And that was my Mother's Day weekend. It sucked. I had a headache. I fought with my husband and my child. If I heard one more friggin time the phrase "we hate to impose" or "we hope this doesn't mess things up for you", I was going to scream.

I never want to live that weekend again.


Whinger said...

Worst. Mother's Day. Ever.

The whole day sucked through and through. But future Mother's Days can only get better, right? Right?

Sangroncito said...

Hubby better make it up next year...or else!

Erin said...

Bummer, that sounds miserable.

CeCe said...

Sucky! Now, you're not allowed to re-read this story ever again. Put it all behind you! And yeah, hubby better make it up to you SOON!

Virginia Gal said...

Oh my God that sucks, I can't believe you didn't kill your husband, (suddenly I'm glad I'm single).

Don't you just hate it when someone needs your help but they go and inconvenience you? WTF? I'm helping you out - you should be the one going the extra mile, not me?! Ugh. If I was your sister-in-law, I'd send you a gift basket or something, to say "sorry for ruining your Mother's Day."
And for father's day, to teach Geo a lesson, why not go and do something you want to do, since he got to do what he wanted on your special day?

Rowan said...

I had mcDonalds, but the rest of your day? You win for worst.mothers.day.ever.

Merci said...

I think like Virginia Gal. Make it a swap: you get to enjoy Father's Day in exchange for a screwy Mother's Day.

Hey, at least it provided good posting material!

In-laws are a joy.

mdmhvonpa said...

"we hate to impose"

Impose what? The death penalty. Yesh.