Friday, May 19, 2006

My doctor is branching out

Yet another "they said what?" post. This time, the major doofus is none other than your loveable hostess, me!

This was the conversation between my mother and I as I drove home from work tonight. Did I say drive? It was rush hour. Silly me.


Mom: I have an appointment next Tuesday with Dr DeFillip.

Me: Hey, I have an appointment this Thursday with him, too.

Mom: Really? You never mentioned it.

Me: That's cause I just made it last week. It's at 1:00PM.

Mom (sounding confused): You did? What are you going to do with Dinker?

Me (thinking she lost her mind): Umm, she's going to school. What else would I do with her?

Mom (now sounding concerned): So you're going to the doctor in the afternoon and then picking the baby up from school?

Me: Well, yeah! I'm only going for a fitting?

Mom (shocked): A fitting?

Now I think the old woman's senility is kicking into high gear.

Me: Yes, Mom. A fitting ... for my nightguard?! The insurance company just approved it.

Mom: You're going ... to Dr DeFillip ... for a nightguard fitting?

Me (rolling my eyes): Yes, mom! For my ...

Then I stopped.

Me (sounding pretty sheepish): Oh, your going to see ... Dr DeFillip, our OB/GYN. I was thinking you meant Dr Sax, the dentist.

Mom: *she's laughing too hard to even say anything*

I don't know about you folks, but I'd be leary of an OB/GYN that moonlighted as a dentist.


Belinda said...

Or offered "fittings." Yikes!!

awaiting said...

That is just too funny!

At the end, I pictured my OB/GYN walking into the room and saying, "So, how are those teeth coming along?"

CrankyProf said...

Hey, if he's talented enough to look up yer strap, and check your should ask him to look down your throat, and see if your underwear is on backwards.

Sangroncito said...

And now you understand why some gay men are afraid of women...they think woman have teeth down there! (Not me of course...I'm well-traveled!)

Erin said...

Oh goodness, that's hilarious. I wonder what she was thinking?

Mr. Fabulous said...

Is there a difference? Since I am a man, of course, I don't go to the dentist.

Rowan said...

there there, you'll be alright when the swelling goes down.

wonder if she was worried that you were getting a fitting for a penile devise. hehe