Monday, May 22, 2006

It is now T minus 4 days until X-Men III - The Last Stand

That's right.

Never have I been so psyched over a movie. I even more psyched over X3 than I was over HP and TGOF.

Okay, I'll confess it here for everyone.
I am a HUGE DC Comics and Marvel Comics fan.

I used to collect the non-sports cards, collectible figures, action figures, movie memorabilia, comic books, etc. I had a monsterous collection. I also collected certain 12" dolls. i had the entire 90210 cast. I had the "gay" Ken doll ( I had two of those). I love toys and comics!

Then I met husband one. I've talked about him before - the emotionally and mentally abusive jerk? He didn't share my enthusiasm. As he put it, "Aren't you a little old to have toys?" I GAVE away the majority of my collection (the dolls all went to his niece). Of course, he had me convinced I was "growing up". Manipulative bastard.

A house fire took the rest of my collection.

Now, I am starting all over again. Man, this stuff got more expensive.

Anyway, ....
X-Men III in t - 4


CrankyProf said...



Is all I'm sayin'.

Maidink said...

James Marsden aka Cyclops!


Tony said...

I can't wait!!!

Too bad we don't live closer... you and I could go together and be fan-boy/girl together. We could dress like Zan and Jayna!!!!

CeCe said...

That movie was filmed pretty close to my town. One of my friends ran into Patrick Stewart in a restaurant. Stood right next to him while waiting for a table. And I know a bunch of people who got "extra" jobs in that movie! I love X men too. I'm looking forward to it. Just need to find a babysitter!

Maidink said...

Tony ~ Wonder Twins powers ... ACTIVATE!!

CeCe ~ Your friend stood next to Cpt Picard? Lucky dawg.

snicks said...

can i go with you and tony...i can be bleep.

Maidink said...

Snickers ~ Only if you can effect the monkey's gibberish sound. We need it for authenticity.

Rowan said...

was there really a gay ken? huh?

don't worry sweets, I have quite the "adult" barbie collection (some as high as 600USD ea)

yeah, so i get it, btw....BANFFFFFFFFFFF!