Monday, May 08, 2006

Maidink's World Update Weekend of 05/05 to 05/07

Let's see, let's see.


Geo went to a cigar convention Saturday. More precisely, he went to "Cigar International's CigarFest 2006". It was deemed a mega-herf. For those not in the know, or for those wondering what the hell I am talking about, a "herf" is a cigar convention. See? You actually learn things reading this blog. I'm sure you're just thrilled.

The man came home smelling like a cigar. I warned him to enter through the back door, strip, and shower before he attempted to encounter anyone in the house. He obidiently walked through the front door, wrestled with the Dinks (who was suffering from Daddy withdrawl), looked at his cigar stash, filled his humidor, read a catalog, then took a shower. Damn glad he listened to me.

He bought a $75 ticket to gain entrance to this thing, and came home with a free humidor filled with cigars, all inside a small gymbag. Estimated retail value of his haul was $225.

Cigars are now in the Maidink household; however, they are smoked outside.


Dinks and I had a Dinky/Mommy day Saturday since Geo was at his herf. It went relatively well. We did some errands, bought video games, and went food shopping. But Dinks still doesn't feel well, so we didn't go all day long. All in all, it was a nice day for her and I.

Though, I'm quite sure she wished her Daddy was with with us. Better yet, I went to the herf and Daddy stayed home with her.


I had a wicked sinus headache / migraine yesterday. It hurt like hell. If yesterady were actually a weekday, I would have stayed home. Figures I feel great today.


Still haven't figured a new blog title for the Bass Blog. But I did create a MySpace account. Hey, I don't want anyone taking my online moniker. To avoid identity theft, I signed up. To say MySpace is confusing is an understatement. I'll figure it out later.


Dinker got three pairs of shoes yesterday. She needed sport sandals, dress sandals, and water shoes for her water play at school this summer. Yes, my little Imelda marcos got all three pair. And insisted on wearing the the sport sandals home.

Bless her little consumer heart.


At the Cigar herf, there was a Playboy playmate, Stephanie Heinrich. From her promo photo, she looks like a serious hottie. Geo said he and his buddy, Blade (who got Geo the ticket - thanks, Blade), upon seeing her in person, looked at her and thought, "Ummm, she was a playmate?" He said she posedwith guys with a look on her face that screamed "Oh, Christ, not another one of these dumbass things. I hate these shows." As Geo was standing there looking at her, he had his camera ready. He had all intentions of taking her photo until he realized not only was she a bitch, but she didn't have a "brickhouse" body like one would imagine a Playmate would sport. She saw Geo with his camera and struck her best fake pose. Geo looked at her, looked at his camera, shook his head, and walked away.

Instead, he got some great shots of the other pieces of eye candy that trapsed through the convention. I'd post pics but they are still in his camera.


Got me mum her Mommy Day's (US version) gift. She loves Romance by Ralph Lauren. So I bought her a lorryload of it. She deserves more; however, with finances being limited, this is it for now.

I'll probably get the same thing this year as last year. And that, my friend's, was zilch.


And I did nothing for Cinco de Mayo. So my Friday was borrrrrring with six r's.


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

I'll probably get the same thing this year as last year. And that, my friend's, was zilch.

You mean Geo hasn't taught Dinks the finer art of Mom's Day?

AHEM: Geo... are you sure you want to go down that road????

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, I will make sure my brother does something nice for you!


Whinger said...

Gah! Nothing for mom's day?


Maidink said...

Charlie ~ He finally asked mne what I wanted last night. He didn't last year so me thinks he was "reminded" by someone.

Shell ~ Please. Your bro is relying on ME buying whatever I want. And the card probably, too.

Whinger ~ He is a gah.

Rowan said...

i had the sinus headache/migraine don't it? thank god for codeine!