Friday, May 19, 2006

Today's post is being brought to you by the letter "D"

This is a meme post that could be cleverly disguised as a normal post. But it is a meme.

Anyway ...

You get assigned a letter under voluntary conditions. I was assigned "D" by the CrankyProf herself (she's so merciful). You must write ten words using your assigned letter in your blog post including an explanation of why you chose that word. No, there is no rhyme or reason. It's just a meme for crying out loud. There is no tagging (what a refreshing change). The trick is, if you want to do it, you have to tell me in the comments.

I love the letter "D", not as a grade but as a letter. It starts some great words like drama. I have a three year old who is a drama queen in training. There is drama in my workplace. Oh, it's a soap here. He's hitched to her, they're unhitched, she's with him again, he's banging another, she's pissed, legal papers, federal lawsuits, evictions, retaliations ... yikeys! I don't need Desperate Housewives to get my fill of insane life (though I do love the show).

Speaking of desperate, there is a word that drives me nuts. First, I can never spell it correctly. I use too many a's. Desperate goes together with drama so well. It means having lost hope or moved by despair. This word should only be used in dire situations. To drive to the mall in pouring rain so as to buy that certain shade foundation is not desperate. Asinine, yes; desperate, no.

Today's weather totally blows and I feel a migraine coming on; hence, my inevitable headache is dormant.

Domicile. I actually use this word quite often in my daily spoken language (not to be confused with blogging). I constantly refer to my home as the Maidink Domicile. The scary part is not that many people know what a domicile is. sad.

Another fave word that I use in daily speech is denizen. I usually reserve it for bar patrons, mall rats or mall models, or any other human that insists on visiting the same place over and over. I mean, don't these people have domiciles?

Derriere. The buttocks. Brings to mind "Baby Got Back". I don't like big butts personally, but I have been known to admire a few aesthetically pleasing backsides.

Thinking of Geo a word that pops up often is daft. I swear, I love my husband. But there are times I just want to take the proverbial frypan and crack him upside the head. He can be so dense at times. Sweetie, if I am folding laundry so I can clear the bed to get the Dinks ready for her bath so I can put her to sleep, don't ask if I am busy. Duh. Such a typical guy.

How about a snobby pretenious word like duvet? It's a comforter for crying out loud! Never have I agreed with a scene from a movie so much as I did with Brad Pitt's character in Fight Club when he mentioned this.

Lastly, I mention diversity. We are all different. We're of mixed colors and mixed religions. There are different ethnicities. Not everyone has the same sexual preferences. It would be BORING if we were all the same. So, to those who can't handle it, deal with it. As one person once said, "America is not a melting pot, it's a mixed salad. Though we are all different, we can all work well together." No, I can't remember who said it, but I love it.

Oh yeah, ... Dinks!


Virginia Gal said...

oh that is too cute - Dinks is a drama queen in training. I foresee that you will not let that get out of control a la Lindsey Lohan. : )

Kyahgirl said...

Delightful Darlink! :-)

Whinger said...


I suck at this game.

S.I.D. said...

Where is the Dirt?

Rowan said...

you did good justice to the letter d, incidentlaly, i already knew what domicile means.