Friday, May 19, 2006

Oh yeah, the Mother's Day debacle

As I said before, I can't blame my "shot in the backside once again" Mother's Day on Geo.

I can, however, blame his kin on this one.

It was all quite accidental. His sister and his mother along with his niece had planned on a visit on Saturday. It was only to be a short visit with the prospect of taking MIL out to dinner. Fine and dandy. They asked over and over, "Are you sure we are not imposing?" I clearly answered no since they were coming up on a Saturday and Mother's Day is on Sunday. I had no plans for Sunday which was my Mother's Day plan - to do nothing.

A phone call at 1:00PM on Saturday changed all that.

I heard cars honking in the background and his sister saying, "We're stuck. We're at the blah blah corner we have to turn to get to your house."


I tell Geo, who was in the middle of getting ready to get a shower. The man had just worked 8 eight hours, came home, and started getting the house tidy. It takes a family visit for him to accomplish such a feat. Anyway (Pig's fave word), he got dressed as I called our mechanic to ask for a tow. Geo dashed out the door and I was left at home with the Dinks and an approaching storm (literally and figuratively).

Let me just give you, right now, a bit of background on my SIL's car. It was (yes, past tense) a 1993 Geo Prism with darn near 200K miles on it. This is a car that barely gets used during the week and it was being driven to Philly from Baltimore. To make matters more interesting, a couple of years ago, SIL was in a fender bender. She was ass-ended. Her insurance company wrote hte car off as a loss. She bought back the title.

So, we are talking a 13 year old 200K salvaged car. On a road trip.

One fast moving storm later, the real storm began. Geo came home with the MIL, the SIL, and the niece. It's now 2:30PM. The preliminary diagnosis for the car is a dead transmission. They aren't going anywhere.

Now, they all originally planned to come up, visit, go to a local mall to shop (that's MIL's thing - mall shopping), eat food, and leave. Dead car changed that. Now, there WAS a choice of either going home to Baltimore via Geo and I, or staying the night and going home the next day. It is 2:30PM almost 3:00PM so it's not like it was late at night. The choice was stay and leave Sunday - Mother's Day.

I didn't forsee this as that big of a problem. I was wrong.

Wow, this post will be longer than I thought. I'll continue later.


CeCe said...

Waiting for the rest!!

Erin said...

So, what happened???

Rowan said...

hrmf! sounds like my sister's ya know? she's never rspent more than 500 canadian for a car ever?