Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How to tell that spring has truly sprung

Driving home yesterday. Dinks is in the backseat eating her obligatory bag of cheese puffs. Todays puff of choice is Cheetos Crunchy.

Dinks: *cough* *cough*

Me (looking back in the safety mirror): You okay there, Dinks?

Dinks (looking at me with a smile): I okay, mommy. I just need my medicine.


Me: Medicine, sweetpea? You mean breathing machine?

Dinks (with a big ole grin): Yeeaaaaaaahhhhh.

More coughing. It sounds gurgley and raspy. Great.

Dinks (in a non-panicy sing-song voice): Mommy! I need my breathing machine. I need the green medicine and the oval*.

Me: Okay, Dinkerdooes. We'll do that tonight.

Needless to say, I have been heavily reliant on my Zyrtec-D and Nasonex. Geo is Claritin-D bound. And Dinks is Zyrtec, Sudafed, Just Cough, and her breathing machine.

I hate allergies.

* - Breathing machine is her nebulizer. Green medicine is her Pulmacort .25 strength. Green is the color of the font on the box. And the oval is a reference to the mouthpiece to her nebulizer.


Anonymous said...

She is definitely in the right family with allergies. I can relate-Gina and Nicole are on the generic Claritin along with the Nasonex. I rely heavily on Benadryl.


Maidink said...

Half a Ben tab knocks both your brother and me out. Claritin works great on Geo but it really doesn't help me or Dinks all that much. Hence, the Zyrtec.

Mainline Mom said...

Claritan and Nasacort are my daily lifesaver. Albutoral syrup for the munchkin.

Jaded&Opinionated said...

Jadette's nebulizer is known as the Charlier Breather. When she needs it, she comes up and does her "breathing" which is sort of panting like a dog. We call it Charlie because the mask part looks like a purple dinosaur face, and Mr. J just started calling him Charlie.

Jadette uses the Pulmicourt .50 and Xopanex, although I don't remember the dosage on that.

I take Zyrtec. She uses Benadryl.

Allergies are a joy, aren't they?

Whinger said...

Oh her poor sweet little lungs.

Maidink said...

MLM ~ From the day Zyrtec hit the market, I was on it. Wow, it seems like we are ALL suffering right now.

Jade ~ She was on Pulmacort .5 once a day, but her allergist changed the dose and it's now twice a day. I remember Dink FREAKED when we showed her the mask. Granted, it was a plain see-thru one and she was about 21 months old. Allergies suck.

Whinger ~ She'll be fine provided we nip this thing in the bud before it manifests into an evil sinus headcold bronchial thingy.

Rowan said...

poor doll baby!

Our Doodlebug was born with a cold or infection I swear it! The doctors said it was just some amniotic fluid he swallowed. He was sick as a young baby nearly all the time and he hates his puffers....every time he's ill he needs them again (just call 'im weezy) and I worry constantly he's going to develop serious allergies. Never have I met a kid with such scary breathing troubles before in.my.life.

Britt said...

I CANNOT stand my allergies, after suffering through them I found out that they gave me the LOVELY sinus infection of which caused me to sound like Kathlenn Turner for at least three weeks. Saw the doc, got the meds and I am back to normal. DAMN POLLEN!!!

CrankyProf said...

Yep, spring in Pennsyltucky. Bean and I are stricken with a sinus infection, and Shark's ears are leaking green fluid...


Hope your whole household feels better soon!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Damn, I'm sorry to hear about that, poor little thing...

I remember when robins were the first sign of spring.

Virginia Gal said...

I use to work at a daycare, there were a lot of children who used nebulizers. Wonder what that says about our atmostphere?

Kyahgirl said...

dD takes her nebulizer and ventolin everywhere. sucks.

S.I.D. said...

Mrs SID is an asthma specialist and Earthangels 1-4 all had asthma at some stage.

This was reduced by 75% once all fluffy toys were removed from bedrooms etc.

Cheesy puffs could be guilty also!

Horrible thing asthma

Sangroncito said...

I had allgergies asthma as a child, too. It's nasty. Thankfully I outgrew it and hopefully Dinks will too.

ProfessorGQ said...

awww poor baby...I face this dilemma as an adult...I wish the world was without allergies.

Lost said...

My son had asthma and allergies when he was little. Fingers crossed that Dink grows out of them like my guy did.

Maidink said...

Rowan ~ Dinks was blessed with my childhood ailments.

Britt ~ And in Texas, that must be hell. Are you guys still in a dry spell like us? I hate pollen.

CP ~ Thanks, buddy. And it did become an infection in the Dinks. Thank heavens for Augmentin.

Mr Fab ~ My mom and dad have a little contest every year to see who finds the first robin. As soon as mom sees one, she blurts out, "I saw the first one!" Then dad says, "I saw one yesterday." I love my dad.

VG ~ Our atmosphere is bad, no denying that.

Kyah ~ I'm investing in a portable neb. Expensive, but it will become well used for the ca$h.

SID ~ We reduced her stuffy population greatly. I tried to get rid of the rest but she caught me. We're also thinking of ditching the carpeting and opting for faux hardwood floors.

Send Mrs SID over here. We promise to be nice to her.

Sangron ~ I had them, too. Living in Philly all my life hasn't exactly been the healthiest place for me. I guess that was another reason for buying the land we did in the Poconos.

ProfGQ ~ Pleased to meet you and welcome! Allergies and yellowjackets. Hate both of them. Wouldn't miss either one if they disappeared tomorrow.

Lost ~ Thanks, I pray so, too. And welcome back!