Thursday, May 11, 2006

Go on and shake that money maker, girlfriend!

All was quiet and serene in the Maidink household last night.

I gave the Dinks her bath. The little dirt merchant needed it, bless her heart.

What is it with kids and dirt? She gets filthy everyday. It's not worth buying her decent clothes. I should just pull them out of the local clothes drop-off dumpster. Last summer, at her school, I witnessed her taking a plastic cup filled with loose powdery dirt and dumping it on her head so it cascaded down her itty-bitty self. She looked like a Tide commercial. With the warm weather here again, she is back to the dirtlot at school. Thank goodness she just plays in it now and doesn't give herself a dirt shower anymore.

Back to last night.

I always dry her off on our bedroom on our bed. It's a bigger space than her crib and makes it easier to get her jim-jams on. Once she gets her "big girl' bed, that ends.

As I was getting her PJs ready, she hops onto her feet and starts jumping up and down on my bed rather frantically. It wasn't that she was in pain 'cause she was laughing. She then starts to chant.

"I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, I like to MOVE IT"

Holy chowder! My kid's dancing to techno!

She's having a good ole time jumping everywhere, giggling and singing.

I smile, rather uneasily, and cleared my throat.

"Sweetie, where did you hear that song?"

"SCHOOL!" she shouts out.

Head hurting, I ask, "Honey, when do they play that song?"

"DANCE TIME!" she shouts even louder. She's still singing and jumping and I believe she hears the music being played rather loud in her head.

"Sweetpea, who plays that music?"

"Miss LAUR-EN!"

Her teacher. Now, I'm thinking her under 25 years of age blond-haired teacher is playing a 90's techno-rave CD in the classroom and the kids are just going nuts. Just great.

All night, Dinks kept singing "I like to move it move it ..." and jumping everywhere. Thank goodness she settled down at bedtime.

Today, I Googled "I like to move it move it" and found out it's on the Madagascar Movie Soundtrack. Ah-HA! That explains everything.

Clever teacher. She get the kids together and gets their energy out via dancing (which is akin to exercising). Pretty smart for a blonde-haired kid. Well, in my eyes, she's a kid. Hell, she's a short kid, too. Wouldn't take much for her class to gang up and over take the room.

This may explain why last week, Dinks kept jumping up and down saying "jump, jump, jump, jump ..."


mdmhvonpa said...

Holy Moley ... My daughter does the SAME THING! That or the 'They Might Be Giants' Mickey's Clubhouse thing. It's a sight to see both my son and daughter exhibiting interpretive dance.

Whinger said...

Partner and I taught her niece to "shake, shake, shake -- shake, shake, shake" her booty.

She loves it, and we get a docile kid at bedtime.

Stace said...

They should have toddler American Idol.

Ruth said...

We've adapted the MC Hammer classic 'Can't Touch This' to 'Jammy Time'... the little man loves this when it's time to put the pj's on in the evenings.

And of course, I'm ALL FOR anything that's going to burn that energy up, since there's no way to transfer it to mommy!!

Sangroncito said...

You should post a video clip of that!

Tony said...

At least she wasn't singing "My Humps."

THAT is scary

Virginia Gal said...

It's amazing what you will do as a nursery teacher to get your kids energy out. I use to have my kids run back and forth in "races." We are a crazy bunch, daycare workers : )

Maidink said...

MDM ~ It's gotta be the age.

Whinger ~ From the disco dance floor to a child's bedtime routine. The many uses of 70's music.

Stace ~ A TV show dedicated to toddlers expressing themselves. Guaranteed a few would rip off their diapers and run around on stage half nekked only to have three stage hands try and tackle them.

Ruth ~ If we could bottle "pre-schooler" energy in liquid form and put it on the market, steroid abuse would no longer exist.

Sangron ~ I LOVE the idea!!!! She's a camera hog. She'd ham it up no doubt for the camera.

Tony ~ Thanks, now I have that MadTV spoof "My Slump" in my head.

VG ~ One day, Lauren let the kids scream at the top of their lungs outside to burn their energy. She must have stock in Excedrin.

snicks said... i have the image of a "baby rave" in my mind. :O

Jaded&Opinionated said...

Madagascar is Jadette's favorite movie. We now have to use it as a reward, or we'd still be watching it twice a day, every day. Oy.

And we thought the big girl bed would change things too. Nope. She still prefers mommy's bed. I'll wake up in the morning, and she's asleep between us, which would freak me out until I caught her one night. She sneaks in on tiptoe, climbs in the bed while telling the dogs "shhh" and settles in. Sometimes she brings her own blankets and pillow with her.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Good thing I'm not a teacher. The kids would come home singing "Cleaning Out My Closet"

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

My much-better-half is a huge fan of country, and thus 10 y.o. son is also, as is 3 y.o. brother.

All I can do is sigh and remember the sage words of the Bard:

You're never too old
to rock and roll
If you're too young
to die.

Maidink said...

Snickers ~ Baby Rave? I love it!

Jade ~ We have to buy a big girl bed soon. She looks at the cribby and says it's for "babies" and she's a big girl. *sigh*

Mr Fab ~ I'm waiting for her teacher to play that one next.

Charlie ~ We listen to country in our home; alas, Dinks has a fondness for dance and rap. Thank goodness she also likes rock and metal.

Kyahgirl said...

that was the best part of that movie. plus, my son wanted to be the like the lion and eat steak, first time!

Rowan said...

though my daughter is 10, I had this similar experience about 6 mos ago or so...I, they listen to old music in school...then I saw madagascar and it all fell into place...however, that crazy frog sure is taking the old tunes by storm too huh? it's even funnier when I show Punkin' how you REALLY dance to pump up the jam!!! hahah

Belinda said...

OMG, Bella LOVES that song. They play it on XM Kids. Her favorite part is the last line of the chorus, where they have that little "empty" beat between "I like to" and "MOVE IT!"

Mainline Mom said...

Too funny!!! Nathan loves to dance but can't sing anything distinguishable yet.