Friday, May 26, 2006

Couples STILL waiting for Wedding Photos almost two years later

I just saw this story on the net and I truly feel for these people.

Newlyweds Still Waiting For Wedding Photos

You spend goo-gobs of money on a gown (ladies, isn't it the truth? Gown = $220; Alterations = $1,800), tuxedo rentals, the place where you have the ceremony (i.e., church, synagogue, local park, pizza joint, etc.), the reception (that one's a killer), and a photographer. We are talking "second mortgage" here! This is a big friggin' deal, folks.

For the woman, YOU are Princess for the day. You are marrying the love of your life. This is YOUR moment. The world is looking at you! For the guys, well, I'm sure it's special for them, too. You obviously want photos professionally done to encapsule all those moments forever.

You trust people to be professional in their chosen profession. Professionalism not only means your talent, but common courtesy. It also means good customer service. It also means being a real person and owing up when there is a problem.

But I don't know the whole story.

Bob Morrill, the photographer in question, really didn't elaborate much when he hid behind a couch during his meda confrontation through a screen door to his home. Of course, that goes back to the "owing up when there is a problem" thing. Maybe there has been almost two years of legitimate excuses. One excuse was "the binding company moved to Mexico". Sounds like "the dog ate my homework". So, aren't there other binders somewhere else in the US, or all photographers now doomed because the ONLY binder in the country left? Sorry, I digress. I'm sure there is a legitimate, legal excuse for Bob not following through on his contractual agreement with these folks. I hope there is ... for Bob's sake.


Rowan said...

our photos took much longer than promised, but nowhere near 2 years...I'd kill him.

MJ said...

My friends up here in Canada waited 2 years. There was no 'good' excuse. I wonder how common a problem this is.

Whinger said...

Oh that poor poor woman.

We got our pictures right away, but the video? Well, that is somewhere in my brother-in-law's basement waiting to be edited. Every once in awhile I make him show me the tapes to prove he still haves them.

Merci said...

Why spend THAT much on wedding photos. You might look at them like once every 10 years after your first anniversary passes.

They should get him to hand over the negatives or the undeveloped film by any means necessary, then sue him for the cash plus interest/damages. I'm obviously not a lawyer, so I'm not sure if that's possible.