Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dammit! Forgot the cell phone

How is it fifteen years ago, when I purchased my first cell phone, I could leave it at home or in the car and not go into a panic? I would actually leave it home on purpose so as not be tempted to use it. Remember fifteen years ago when airtime was like $1 a minute or something ludicrous like that? Hell, you were better off using a payphone.

So, I left the stupid thing on the breakfast counter this morning and discovered it not on me ten miles into the journey. Forget turning back that far into the drive.

And now I'm having visions of being stuck in a ditch with nothing more than windshield washer fluid to sustain me until rescue dogs track down my location.

Darn my mom and her envisioning me all the time in a ditch if I don't call her! Now I got myself in that ditch!

For the love of pickled beets, I live in friggin Philadelphia! We have WaWa's every thirty feet and pizza shops next door to each! It's not like I live in the darn Yukon. But oh no, I'm doomed, doomed, doomed I tell ya without my cell!


Piggy and Tazzy said...

When I leave the house, I simply *must* have two things on my person:

1. My watch
2. My wee mobly

Leaving the house without either one of them and realising too late into the journey is just horrible.

I've become so dependent on them both, it's like a form of lunacy.

And to think that just a few recent years ago, I was actually embarrassed to be seen using the mobly in public!

Bigandmean said...

Was that you I saw in that ditch? I've been in a ditch dozens of times, according to my family and friends who are cell phone addicted and I still refuse to carry one of the damn things. I've got one but I don't know my own cell phone number and I don't even know where the phone is!

PS - Your little one is a doll - course, you knew that.

Virginia Gal said...

I totally understand - everytime I've over in England - I'm sans cell phone since mine doesn't have international reception. I hate it - I feel so out of the loop, missing almost. Crazy that just ten years ago I lived completely without one!

Maidink said...

P and T - Mobly. I just love your slang! I'd say that here but it might raise a few eyebrows.

B&M - Yep, that was me! Cell phones are the modern necessary evil, at least in my world.

And thank you. She is the apple of our eye. The little stinker.

VG - Never been overseas so I don't know that version of Hell. I'll have to trot on over to England to check that out. Get the guest room ready, P and T.