Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So much for Harvard

The baby is watching Dora while I run the vacuum. In the scene, Dora has to get through the Number Pyramid. She has been told she needs to find the number between two and four.

"I need your help" is Dora's famous tagline. Does this kid EVER do anything on her own?

As I vacuum, I shout over the noise, "Can you tell mommy what number is between two and four?"

"Three!" she yells with arms raised in the air

"Good girl! You're right!"

Now I'm yelling to Geo who is in the back bedroom on his laptop (you'd think by this point I would've shut off the vacuum)

"Hey, babe! Did you hear our genius? She's ivy league bound!" Turning to the baby, "Sweetie, what number is between six and eight?"

She looked at me with a big smile and said, "Round like a circle!"

Then she stuck her Lego bucket on her head and shouted "Ta-Dah!"

*heavy sigh*

Oh well, tuition payments are heck anyway at those over-rated ivy league schools.


Sam said...

You never know. University is still pretty far away for that little one.

Finding entertainment in a Lego bucket is innovative. Perhaps she'll be one to think outside the box, lol.

Tony said...

Dora screams way too much for me. The show is good, but my GOD that girl can holler!

Virginia Gal said...

Ivy League schools are overrated, as a graduate of a single-sex education, I'd like to suggestion that route (can you tell I'm a proud alum?) :-)

Maidink said...

Sam - she is a unique little character. I asked her about the bucket on her head and she said it's her tunnel. Can't argue with that logic. :)

Tony - have it on your TV all the time. Talk about Hell with a G rating.

VG - Wouldn't bother me. I would like her to go to a state school in PA (e.g., Penn State). They're good schools and, for state residents, it cheap (we like cheap).