Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The headcold that wouldn't die!

It sounds like a great title for a really awful "B" horror movie.

This cold will not quit! My hearing, which is poor to start off, has darn near bottomed out. Even though I can't taste anything, I insist that chicken soup and all sorts of carbs will make me feel much better (that and a good cup of tea). I sound like a damn coke addict with all my constant sniffling. I now carry around a box of tissues everywhere. I'm starting to consider them part of my wardrobe.

And don't let those advert magnates of the paper product companies fool you. Not all tissues are made alike. When it comes to quality, take it from me and spend the extra cents in buying the higher end. Inexpensive tissues suck. You need three cheap Kleenex to make up for one decent Puffs. You'd be better off using aluminum foil to blow your nose than with some low-grade tissues.

As a side note, I love watching horror and sci-fi films. Alas, I haven't watched too many lately. The last was "Shaun of the Dead". My good blogfriend, Pax, likend the movie to Monty Python and the Marx Brothers. I saw the movie more as the Young Ones meet Dawn of the Dead.


Lost said...

You'll like this! You know what I saw the last time I was in Scotland? Kleenex *well tissues lol* with eucalyptus in them. They were soooooo wonderful when I had the snifflies over there, it was like Vick's Vapotissue. LOL

Maidink said...

Oh, I would love that right about now. I just ran out of Puffs and I'm forced to use tissues that can be equated with sandpaper.

my poor little shnout {whimper}