Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I work in one weird place

So my boss comes in our office and leans against the filing cabinet complaining of how tired he is. My officemate asks why.

boss: because I've been here since 5 this morning.


officemate: Why? Do you not like your home?

boss: No, it's not that. I have work to finish before Friday

note: after Friday he's on holiday for a week

boss: It's great drving, though, at that time in the morning. There is hardly anyone on the road. It's me, a few truckers, ...

officmate: ... other heathens who don't want to be home, and dangerous suicidal squirrels.

(I'm just shaking my head laughing to myself)

officemate: I'm serious. You drive home and the streets are empty. You get up, go to work the next day, and it's wall-to-wall road kill.

I think we just stumbled upon Limp Bizkit's next album title - "Heathens and Dangerous Squirrels".


Tony said...

Not to be rude, dear, but I think Limp Bizkit's new album should be called, "We Really suck. We suck so much it's almost worth NOT releasing another CD."


Maidink said...

Yeah, I know. But they were the first band I thought of who would be daft enough to use such a title.

I originally was going to use the Smashing Pumpkins til I found out they disbanded. Ooops.